The New Type of Fitness Franchise

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

There are many fitness franchises in the marketplace to choose from and today with the offering of the impersonal, self serve 24/7 gym chains, savvy exercise consumers are searching for something better, something that gives amazing results and provides great value for the money they pay.

This is where the Studio Pilates International® business concept comes into its own. You see doing Pilates has always been desirable as it's been the exercise of choice for the rich, the powerful and the famous around the worlds for many decades, but it has been rarely accessible to the vast majority of people because of lack of facilities or to the cost of the service.

Studio Pilates International® is changing this by bringing equipment based Pilates studios to suburbs right across the country and internationally as well.

A Studio Pilates International® workout experience is much different to any offering that any other fitness franchise or gym franchise provides. Each studio is glamorous, stylish and sophisticated, each instructor is highly trained and each workout is a great one.

How does Studio Pilates International® ensure each workout is a great one, each and every time?

That's down to their Digital Exercise Delivery System which is a world first and truly ground breaking technology. They have partnered with a global leader in multimedia and digital content distributors to bring Studio Pilates International workouts to one million users in line with the vision of the brands Co-Founder and Olympian; Jade Winter.

So what does the Digital Exercise Delivery System do exactly?

What the clients see and hear would be commonly described as a DVD. It acts as a moving visual demonstration of each exercise combined with an audio instructional guide to each exercise that the client then follows and does their workout to. In addition to this audiovisual guide the client also benefits from having a highly trained instructor right their helping them with every move. They help with their technique, with finding the right resistance for them they also help to motivate and inspire the client as well.

What this system isn't is a DVD. It's actually specially created digital content that is automatically delivered via a computer network right there in the studio. It's essentially a 'set and forget' system with no need for the instructors to press play, no need to turn it on, no need to change discs for different workouts (of which there are more than 10 that rotate on a daily basis with new ones being released regularly) the instructor just walks in, turns on the lights and starts helping people to get toned and lose weight.

This level of systemisation ensures the smooth running of a Studio Pilates International® studio and makes it truly unique as a business opportunity. Combine this with a 24/7 online booking and payment system for customers to schedule their next appointment and automated digital bookkeeping it combines to take all of the hard work out of running a fitness franchise.

By delivering the workouts in a digital format directly to the studio user, the quality of the workout has truly been systemised in such a positive way so that each client leaves having done a great all over body workout each and every time they come.

"What we've learnt over the years is that customer's value consistency. This consistency makes the customer happy to come back, again and again. This also makes them comfortable referring a friend as they're then happy that their friend will receive the same good service and the same high quality of workout too" says Jade Winter.

This systemisation is the hallmark of any great franchised business as then the quality of the product or service that is provided from location to location is the same and the collective good reputation of each franchisee grows and a global brand is established.


Author: Studio Pilates