The secret to permanent weight loss

Written on the 19 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

The formula for permanent weight loss is a simple one:

Eat less energy than you burn in a day

Sound easy doesn't it? Well there are some tricks. First, You must know how much energy you are eating. You can measure this in one of two ways, count every calorie or kilojoule that you put in your mouth, or simply step on the scales regularly.

If you are consuming less energy than you are burning off each day then you will be losing weight. This might be only a very small amount each day, so small that you may not even notice it at first, but a tiny little bit everyday adds up over time and before you know've lost a few kilos.

You must think of this weight loss formula on a DAILY basis. Meaning that you have to count each day as a cycle and from the time you wake till the time you go to sleep and your aim is to have created a deficit of energy otherwise you will not lose weight. If you are checking your weight on an accurate pair of scales at the same time of the day and you are not losing weight you haven't created a deficit.

It's important to know what foods are energy rich (high in kilojoules) and which are lower in energy so you can make an informed decision on what to eat and the good news is that most foods tell you exactly how much energy is in them on the packet.

I reccomend that you compare how much energy and fat is in each product by studying the per 100g and per serve of the food. A packet of food may seem okay per 100grams but to have enough to feel content the serving size that you need to consume may need to be 500g+.

You may be one like most of us and if you open a packet of something, you can't stop till it's finished.

As a general rule of thumb, the more things you eat that are not in a packet the better you will be. Focus on choosing the foods that have a lower energy content and keep you fuller for longer so you don't eat as much throughout the day.

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Author: Studio Pilates