The Ten Things we Know to be True

Written on the 21 January 2015 by Studio Pilates

1. Pilates is awesome

We believe that Pilates is awesome and we know that it's the fastest, most effective and safest way to build strength and tone the body. This is why Pilates is our life, our passion and is what we love to do every day. We want to share the awesomeness of Pilates with everyone and we want to see the entire world become a fitter, stronger and healthier place.

2. Some Pilates classes out there are a bit boring and soft

We know that there are some Pilates classes out there that are a little boring and soft. This is why when you do a Studio Pilates class you know that it will be challenging, inspiring and you will really feel it working. Whether you experience a studio Pilates class in one of our Platinum studios or in your local health club, you will know that you will get a great workout and you will get amazing

3. If we have our health we have everything that we really need

We know that if we have our health then that is really all that matters in life. We believe our health should be our number one priority and if we take the time out of our day to invest in our health, then it will pay off with a life that is longer and one that is of a better quality. We also believe that if we can inspire and help just one other person to improve their health, then this is a great thing and we know that we have helped one other human to live a longer, richer and fuller life.

4. Organised is better than disorganised

This is why we developed the unique way that we deliver our classes called the Digital Exercise Delivery System. It helps us to stay organised and consistent across all of our locations and enables us to focus more on our members and their technique, thus enhancing the quality of the classes that we can provide.

5. Awesome instructors get our members awesome results

This is why we are totally focused on helping our instructors to become the best instructors they can possibly be. We understand that the more knowledgeable and inspiring an instructor is, the better the results that our members achieve. This is why we focus on giving our instructors access to the very best training in the world and the latest in cutting edge research.

6. Sweat can be stylish and exercise can be elegant

We believe that if you are going to work out, you may as well do it in style. This is why we have created beautiful and stylish studios for our members to work out in. We wanted you to escape to another world when you work out and we believe this is just the way it should be.

7. Serious things can be a bit of fun too    

We believe that life is short and that important and serious things like health and fitness can be a bit of fun too. This is why you will find our instructors with smiles on their faces because they are having fun and enjoying work by helping others to improve their health and fitness.

8. If we focus on getting our members amazing results then all else will follow

We know that with our focus on getting our members amazing results from our service, we will continue to grow as a business and the success that has seen us expand will continue. Since the beginning we've helped those who have chosen to be a part of the Studio Pilates family to succeed and helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. This is the exact same focus we have today.

9. Doing good helps us to do more good in the community

Studio Pilates is a business. We believe that when we provide an outstanding product and service and when we get our members amazing results, then people are happy to pay for this. We know that the more good we do in the world, the money we generate from doing so enables us to do even more good and help even more people to discover the magic of health and fitness through Pilates and we can help to improve the health and fitness of all.

10.  Everyone should have access to world class Pilates

For too long Pilates has only been available to the elite few and Hollywood celebrities. We believe that everyone should have access to world class Pilates instructors and world class Pilates studios. This is why we offer Studio Pilates classes in health clubs across the planet and we provide the opportunity for others to own their own Studio Pilates Platinum studio so others too may share with the world the body toning benefits of Pilates equipment neighbourhood at a time.


Author: Studio Pilates