The Top 6 Traits of Successful Studio Pilates Owners

Written on the 13 January 2015


Learn the top 6 traits of successful Studio Pilates owners: 

1. You're a people person

You like talking with people daily and you enjoy the company of others. You enjoy learning about what makes each person unique and you love to find out about people's goals, hopes and dreams.

2. You like being organised

You love to plan ahead, you love to keep things organised and well structured. You've got a system for just about everything and people often comment on how organised you are.

3. You're optimistic in nature

You always look to the future and look for what opportunities are on the horizon. You're driven to win in life and in your career. You never dwell on negative things in the past and you don't let anything hold you back from achieving your goals.

4. You're dependable

You're consistent, your focussed and you see things through to completion. When others rely on you, you're always there for them no matter what.

5. You love to help others

You truly enjoy helping other people in life. You get a real kick out of seeing people achieve great things and you wish that you could just do it more often than you do now.

6. You're passionate about Pilates

You have a real passion for Pilates and for fitness in general. You love that amazing feeling that you get from working out and you want to share it with others.