What are Pilates classes

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

What are Pilates classes? Well...Pilates classes are hands down the best way to tone up your entire body.

Pilates classes are done in two main ways, one way is on a mat (matwork) using your body weight as resistance or the other way is in a studio using traditional spring loaded wooden Pilates equipment for resistance.

Pilates has been around for almost 100 years and in continues to gain in popularity. So many celebs swear by regular Pilates classes as a way to stay trim and in shape so there must be something to it right? Absolutely there is!

Pilates classes are good for building strength in the entire body especially the core, great for toning the entire body and aids in overall weight loss as well.

Pilates is good for pre and post natal exercise if done at a low level, It's great for helping to fix injuries if done in a clinical or rehab setting and is great for those that are new to exercise as well.

Pilates is good for athletes if done at a more intense level. This is because Pilates helps to increase strength and muscle endurance, two main needs for any athlete. Pilates for an athlete is best done in a studio using the Pilates equipment. 

Pilates is good for all of these things it just depends on what end result you are after and the environment in which you are experiencing it.

You can do Pilates matwork and many gyms and health clubs but you will have to do a bit more research and look a little harder to find Pilates classes using the Pilates equipment in a studio.

When it comes to both Pilates mat classes and Pilates studios, look for the Studio Pilates brand name. This is the name you can trust to ensure you get a great workout, with highly trained and knowledgeable instructors who are motivated to see you get great results from your Pilates classes.

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Author: Studio Pilates