What are Pilates

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

What are Pilates classes good for, what are Pilates exercises and Pilates studios designed to do and what are Pilates machines used for? These questions and more are addressed right here...

What are Pilates classes best for is the first question we are going to focus on here. Pilates classes are best for a workout focusing on the core and the butt mainly as well as flexibility.

What are Pilates classes done on? Well they are usually done on a mat, in a gym, and usually without the use of any equipment. They simply use your body weight as resistance.

What are Pilates Studios designed to do? Well, they are designed to get you toned, help you to lose weight, give you a safe form of exercise to do and help to fix any injuries you may have. When looking for a good Pilates studio, check out whether or not they can give you what you want to get out of your Pilates before attending.

What are Pilates exercises good for? The answer is to tone and sculpt your body, leaving it lean, toned and looking amazing. Pilates exericses also help with injuries and back pain if done in a studio.

What are Pilates machines for? The purpose of the Pilates machine is to add resistance to your workout and more. They were originally designed to be able to get you strong enough to be able to do the portable and versatile matwork, but I believe you get a better workout from the Pilates machines.

What are Pilates courses designed to do? Pilates courses are designed to get you into the Pilates industry as a Pilates Instructor. A great Pilates course will give you the skills and confidence that you need to become an instructor and will start you on a rewarding career path helping others.





Author: Studio Pilates