What is Pilates?

Written on the 6 January 2016 by Studio Pilates

What is Pilates? This is a question that is asked many times and the answer is very simple, yet complex.

The 'what is Pilates' question is best answered by first determining what it is that you are after as Pilates is done in a few different ways in order to suit it's intended audience.

Pilates can be done on the mat, in a large group, usually at a gymnasium, and with a Pilates instructor leading the class and explaining and demonstrating what to do. Usually this is done without the use of Pilates equipment and uses the body weight as resistance. These Pilates classes are generally for healthy bodies wanting to tone up and experience fitness Pilates.

Pilates can also be performed on the Pilates equipment. The Pilates equipment adds variety to your workout and resistance to the exercises by the use of springs. These industrial type springs provide the resistance needed to really build lean muscle and to tone your body with Pilates.

Pilates using the equipment can be performed in small groups which are really tailored and some Pilates studios offer larger group classes using the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment called the reformer. These Pilates classes are great as they are often cheaper and more accessible, as there are more people in the class making it less expensive and they generally focus on toning the entire body. They tend to be more fitness focussed rather than focussing on Pilates for injury purposes.

Pilates can also be tailored in intensity and can be focussed more on rehabilitation if that is what you're after. This style of Pilates class is generally done in a private or small group setting allowing the instructor to focus on you more and to give you specific exercises to do to help your injury.

Pilates done in the small group studio setting is also great for pre and post pregnant ladies and can really help to get the body back into shape and is a safe and effective form of exercise whilst pregnant.

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What is Pilates? Well, I hope I've shed a little light on what Pilates is and the types of Pilates classes you can do. Call 07 3899 4555 to get more answers to the question of what is Pilates?





Author: Studio Pilates