Written on the 3 July 2015 by Studio Pilates


Our vision is to change the way the world works out. At Studio Pilates International®, we believe that exercise should be inspiring, intense, safe, and it should be done in style.

Exercise should be inspiring - We believe that a Pilates class should have a pulse. We believe that when you feel the energy in your class, you'll burn more calories and get greater results. This is why you will find high energy music, combined with encouraging and uplifting instructors at all of our studios. Our instructors will always be supporting you, motivating you and pushing you to the next level. It's in our DNA. 

Exercise should be intense - We believe that you should feel every muscle in your body working when you do a Pilates class and you should feel your muscles burning. This is why Studio Pilates® gets incredible results and why you'll feel shaky and fatigued, yet incredibly energised after each and every class.  We want you to feel the burn.

Exercise should be safe - We believe that exercise should strengthen the body from the inside out, making you leaner, stronger and ready to tackle anything that life throws at you. The safety of our members is our number one priority and this focus is infused in everything that we do and stems from our physiotherapy background.

We insist that all of our instructors have extensive Studio Pilates International® training and have studied under the guidance of our team of physiotherapists. This is also why you'll find that our instructors will help, monitor and assist you with your every move in class.

Exercise should be an escape - We believe that if you're going to do a workout, then you should do it in style. This is why all Studio Pilates® studios all are beautifully designed with elegant decor and and a classic style.

We want you to be transported away to another place when you do a class. This is why you won't find any mirrors, cell phones or clocks in any Studio Pilates® studios, only beautiful surrounds and a space where you can truly escape for forty minutes.

Our Mission: To flatten the abs and sculpt the body of all who pass through our doors.

Our Vision: To change the way the world works out.

Are you with us?



Author: Studio Pilates