Why are Pilates classes so expensive?

Written on the 23 December 2015 by Studio Pilates

Why are Pilates classes so expensive? The answer to this question is best answered by first examining the two main ways you can do Pilates. The first way to do Pilates is to do what's called a Pilates mat class. This type of class sees an instructor in front of a class demonstrating exercises and class participants on a mat usually just using their body weight as resistance.

These classes are generally quite cheap and cost effective. Many gyms and health clubs often provide them to members for free as part of their membership offering. If not offered free, the price of a mat class is usually between $10-$20 per class.

The other way to do Pilates is in a studio using the Pilates equipment. Traditionally this has been done in very small groups with just a few people and the instructor tailors the exercises to suit each individual in the micro class.

This then is much less like a big class and more like a small group personal training session and when you have a highly skilled instructor, combined with high quality handmade equipment with a very small group, you get a great class but unfortunately the cost of doing one is out of the reach of most.

The average cost of doing one of these classes ranges from about $60-$100 for a private one to one session and between $30-$50 for a small group class. 

The more modern approach and one that is rapidly emerging as a very viable option economically for most businesses and participants is a larger group class using the equipment, in particular the machine called the reformer as this is the most versatile of all the Pilates machines. Class sizes here range from from 10-20 participants depending on how many machines the facility has.

If you are lucky you might be able to find a studio or health club that offers this type of class (sometimes called an allegro class) in your area as these are far more accessible financially and give great results as the intensity is far greater than a mat class for example. The cost of this style of class ranges between $20 and $30 a class. 

This style of Pilates class is great fun and if you do one of this style of Pilates class at a Studio Pilates Platinum studio you will also have the added benefit of having a customised DVD on a screen to follow that frees up your instructor enabling them to check your technique more often rather than be on stage demonstrating.

This type of class is usually fine for those with mild injuries or restrictions but they are less suited to those with chronic injuries though as the whole class is essentially doing all of the same exercises and the particular exercises may or may not suit you if you are injured. If this is the case you will need the very small group tailored sessions for your Pilates.  

At Studio Pilates International the affordable mid sized group class is what we specialise in. We realise that Pilates has only been available to the elite few for too long and we are aiming to help one million people to enjoy the magic that health and fitness brings through Pilates and we are doing that by making Pilates classes more affordable and of higher quality. To learn more please call +61 7 3899 4555 or visit www.studiopilates.com





Author: Studio Pilates