Your Best Body Ever This Christmas

Written on the 6 January 2016 by Studio Pilates

At this time of year as our calorie intake inevitably increases, it's important to still find time to prioritise your health and fitness in December. Here are our tips to help you get your workouts in this month and get your best body ever this Christmas.

1. Pencil it in

Book your Pilates classes online in advance. Write the time in your diary and think of it as any other appointment. By pencilling in your Pilates, you can not only schedule other commitments around your exercise, but you are helping train your brain to see your workouts as a regular and constant part of your weekly schedule.

2. Just get through the door

Sometimes the hardest thing about working out is just getting to the studio in the first place. Focus on just showing up for your class. The rest will be a piece of cake.

3. Make it fun

Do your Pilates workouts with a friend or family member. Research has shown that people are more likely to perform exercise and workout for longer if they do it with a friend. So arrange for a friend to meet you at the studio it will help motivate you to get to your class, while also making your workouts more enjoyable.

4. Sign Up

Rather than just attending casual sessions, buy a pack of classes. Knowing you have classes ready to use will make you more likely to book regular sessions and get faster results. 

5. Make your goals visible

Write your fitness or weight loss goals down. Put them in a place where you can see them every day such as the fridge or bathroom mirror. 

6. Tell a friend

Tell your friends and family about your exercise goals. The sharing of this information with help to keep you motivated and accountable.

7. Pop in a DVD

If you cant get into the studio, a Pilates DVD is a great way to workout in the comfort of your own home. Studio Pilates International offers a range of DVDs which use mat Pilates exercises to tone and sculpt lean muscles. To purchase DVDs, click here






Author: Studio Pilates