In this course, you will learn over 120 exercises which will add a huge variety to your classes. The exercises include some easier rehab-based exercises as well as some very challenging advanced exercises to really push your clients. If you are taking mat classes in either a studio, gym, PT setting or outdoors then this course is perfect for you, helping you to increase your client retention and receive more referrals. The ball, circle and band exercises are also perfect for home exercise prescriptions, and taking clients pre and post pregnancy and for rehabilitation.


Studio Pilates Matwork Course

Course Format:

20 hours pre-course study
2 day practical course

Course Duration:

2 days

Course Materials:

1 manual (over 600 pages)
Comprehensive online training centre


Online precourse exam, practical assessment at course, online postcourse exam


4 CECs through Fitness Australia
Health Practitioners - earn CPD hours through AHPRA (AUS) to maintain annual registration


Course with Digital Manual: $700
Course with Hardcopy Manual (over 600 pages): $800 


Why This Course? 

  • The balls, circles and bands can be easily implemented into classes, studios or outdoor sessions - the equipment is also easy to carry around!
  • You can cater to each person in a class more effectively - the exercises allow you to run a better class as you can more effectively provide the required exercise intensity level by adding or removing the small equipment catering to both injured people and strong clients who want to work hard
  • The extra resistance increases the toning and weight loss effects and is more challenging for your clients!
  • Variety is key to keep your Matwork clients happy and feel challenged, while also stopping yourself from getting bored!
  • A lot of the Matwork exercises are core related (buttocks, pelvis, abs, glutes, back), but don't work a lot of the more peripheral muscles. When you add the small equipment, you work the other muscles also - the small equipment provides a more all over body workout.
  • You also learn a lot more rehab exercises and exercises to use during pregnancy
  • The ball challenges balance and co-ordination which is great for elderly clients
  • The small equipment allows you to focus on back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder rehabilitation
  • The small equipment exercises are more functional - the exercises require complex movements which mimic real life movements

How to Enrol in Ball, Circle, Band

If you would like to enrol in Ball, Circle, Band, you can register online by clicking the image below or you can call us on +61 7 3899 4555 or +61 488 014 618 to learn more. Alternatively, fill out the form below and a Course Advisor will be in contact with you shortly!



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