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Miley Cyrus Swears by a Daily Exercise Routine of Pilates

Posted by Studio Pilates on 6 March 2012

Whether you are a fan of teen sensation and actress/pop-singer Miley Cyrus or not, you cannot deny that this 19 year old has a very slim and toned figure.

In a recent tweet on tweeter Miley revealed her secret to her svelte physique: "Pilates is my favourite part of my day.'

According to a source, Miley strongly believes that everyone should participate in a mode of fitness/exercise that they enjoy otherwise they will not continue with it. It appears that she has found an enjoying and toning workout that works for her! Keep sticking to your daily Pilates routine Miley, it's working beautifully for you.

Pilates involves controlled breathing and regular workouts will result in increasingly one's flexibility and building long, lean muscles as well as strength and endurance in the abdominals, legs, arms, hips and back.

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