Pilates Certification Australia

Bookings and Payment

Bookings can be made direct through our website, or by calling 07 3899 4555 extension 2 or mobile 0488 014 618. Places in a course will not be secured until payment has been received.

Payment can be made via:

Credit card (either via our secure online store or over the phone).

Once payment is received and enrolment confirmed, you will be sent or emailed your receipt and course materials if you chose to purchase hard copies of the manuals. Course fee does not include the provision of lunch or any other meals.


All Studio Pilates International courses involve both theory and practical examinations throughout the course.  Both theory and practical exams must be passed in order to receive certification; this ensures we maintain the highest standard of instructors possible. Obviously, our aim is to help you as much as possible to be the best you can be. At the end of each course, there will be a practical exam. If you are going well but are just not quite ready to teach yet at the end of the course that's ok - you can go home and practice and submit a video of yourself teaching for us to review once you feel confident. There is a fee of $100, and must be done within 90 days of your course date.

It is uncommon for this to happen, but if you fail the theory and practical exams and need a lot more study and practice, you will be required to re-sit the next available course and this will incur a re-sit fee - see below for fees for each course. We want you to succeed and are with you all the way.  Prior to any course, reading the required materials and watching and doing the online home workout videos will help you to come into the course as well prepared as possible. Please follow the automated email prompts you will receive that will guide you through your pre-study materials.


Upon completion of each course and passing the required examinations, you will be certified to teach the exercises learned in that course.

To date, Studio Pilates International has neither recommended nor dissuaded its graduates from seeking additional certification beyond their Studio Pilates certification - a certification that is highly regarded within the health and fitness fields.  Studio Pilates stands behind its training and certification programs as the highest calibre and most comprehensive of its kind in the industry. To achieve Studio Pilates certification, students must receive a minimum score of 80% (practical and written) in order to pass.  Pass marks in both the practical and theory sections must be met in order to achieve certification.

As it stands at the moment, there is no need to be accredited with anyone other than Studio Pilates, and there are so many "accrediting bodies" such as APMA, Pilates Alliance, PMA etc.  The main  reason behind accreditation is for insurance purposes which you can receive after completing our courses. Studio Pilates will continue to evaluate the various accreditation processes and to monitor the evolving needs and demands of consumers and the professional fitness industry.


Physiotherapists: Your physiotherapy insurance should cover you for any Pilates exercises that you teach.  It is still best to check with your insurer that this is in fact the case.

Fitness trainers: As the matwork course is accredited with Fitness Australia, you will be covered by your regular insurance if with Fitness Australia. Please check with your insurer. If you need extra cover, please contact us for contact details of insurance companies who are the best for Pilates.

Other: You will need insurance to teach Pilates, so at the end of your first course, you will receive details of the best insurance companies for Pilates along with your certificate.

Video Submissions and Course Re-Sits

If you are not confident to instruct at the end of your course, you may be asked to complete a video submission. In this scenario, you can go home and practise your instructing and then submit a video of your instructing for $100. In rare cares, if you need more practice and technical knowledge, you may need to resit the whole course again.

Time Frame

You have three (3) months to complete your video submission. If you fail to complete the submission within this timeframe, you will need to resit the course (paying the course resit price below) and pass the assessment in order to gain your certificate.

Video Submission Attempts

Any student required to submit a video will have the opportunity to complete 2x video submissions for each course. If Studio Pilates is unable to mark you as competent across the assessment criteria after two attempts, you will need to resit the course in full (paying the resit price below) and pass the assessment on the last day of training to gain your certificate. 

Resiting the Course

See below for resit prices based on course - 

  • Anatomy Course Resit - $99
  • Matwork Course Resit - $475
  • Advanced Matwork Course Resit - $99
  • Ball, Circle and Band Course Resit - $99
  • Reformer Course Resit - $499
  • Advanced Reformer Course Resit - $199
  • Cadillac Course Resit - $299
  • Wunda Chair Course Resit - $99
  • Rehab Level 1 Course Resit - $299
  • Platinum Course Resit - $599

Our Guarantee to You

We will work with you until you feel confident to be the best instructor you can be. Once you have completed one of our courses, you will have ongoing support from our education team as well as access to our online training resources.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

Without exception, Studio Pilates does not offer refunds for change of mind or circumstances.

If you decide to cancel your course due to change of mind or circumstance, you have the below options;

  • You can reschedule your course to a later date (see Course Reschedules below)
  • You can keep your credit on file until you are ready to complete the course. Please note that there is a 12 month expiry on credit left on file.

Course Reschedules

  • If course date is changed outside of 6 weeks before course, no reschedule fee changed to move course date
  • If course date is changed between 2 and 6 weeks prior to course, a 25% reschedule fee is charged (based on the total amount paid for course)
  • If course date is changed between 0 and 2 weeks before course, a 50% reschedule fee is charged (based on the total amount paid for course)
  • No show to course, 100% of the total course price will be charged.

All course reschedule fees must be paid at the time of reschedule.

Course Times

Please be aware that the times on the website are a rough guide only as we work around the host location's group fitness timetable and these are subject to change. We will contact you 3 weeks prior to your course date to confirm the location and times, please allow from 8am-6pm each day until we confirm these with you.

Just so you know, you cannot miss any day of the course or arrive later/leave earlier as there is a lot of content to cover and we want to make sure you get the most out of the course and become an amazing and confident instructor!

Arriving Late / Leaving Early

Unfortunately you are not able to miss any day of the course or arrive later/leave earlier as there is a lot of content to cover and we want to make sure you get the most out of the course and become an amazing and confident instructor! If you need to miss any part of a course, we recommend rescheduling your course to the next available course date. Please refer to the Course Reschedules section above.

Performing Course Exercises

To participate in the face to face component of all courses you must be able to physically complete a minimu of 3/4 of the course repetoire. If you are unsure if you are able to perform any of the repetoire due to injury or pregnancy please call 0422 023 222 and we can advise you of your options. 

Platinum Course Terms

Please note that the Platinum Course operates under separate Terms and Conditions to other Studio Pilates courses and additional fees may be involved with this course.

  • To reschedule a Platinum Course, please refer to the Course Reschedules section
  • You are only able to reschedule the Platinum Course a maximum of 2 times
  • If you decide at any point in your training that you do not want to work for Studio Pilates, you are able to transfer the cost of your course to a different Studio Pilates course (please note however, that there are fees involved with this transfer and which course you are able to transfer to will depend on how much of the Platinum Course you have completed and if you hold any prerequisites)
  • If you do not pass your practical assessments for the Platinum Course, you will have another opportunity to attempt the assessments at another time. Please be aware that there are fees involved to resit these assessments, starting at $100

Please be aware that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Shadowing Terms

  • You will be required to complete your Shadowing within 4 months of your Shadowing commencement date
  • On average, Shadowing will take 60-150 hours to complete depending on your ability
  • Once Shadowing has commenced, no more than 2 Shadowing shifts may be voluntarily missed. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration
  • The entirety of the Platinum Course (7 day face to face course + Shadowing) needs to be completed within 12 months of the first day of the face to face training
  • If shadowing is not completed within the alloted 4 month time period, you may be required to resit the 7 day face to face course. This will incur a resit fee. Please refer to the resit fee section of the Terms and Conditions for current costs
  • In the event that your Shadowing commencement is delayed due to Studio Pilates Mentor availability, completion of the Platinum Course will be extended

Please be aware that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.