Hear direct from some of the many Studio Pilates International education course participants.

I always enjoyed Pilates and I had personally used the Studio Pilates International DVDs at home for years and loved them and so I decided to do the level 1 matwork course. This it turns out has been one of the best decisions of my life. After completing the course I simply hired a local hall and put up a flyer on the notice board of my local supermarket. By my 3rd ever Pilates class I had 20 participants paying $10 each....

This means I am earning $200 for one hour of work! I would have had to work for 2 whole days from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon to earn this much in my previous job. I now have more time for my family, a thriving matwork business and it has boosted my self confidence beyond belief as i have helped secure a financial future for me and my family. Thank you so much Studio Pilates International.

Michelle Croft, Pilates Instructor, Gladstone

The course was excellent - the instruction was very clear, concise and thorough and the facilities were good. Enjoyable and fun yet learned so much at the same time. I would certainly recommend this course to other PTs as an essential course to do not only to learn to teach Pilates but also about body, injuries and core stability.

Cheryl Turner, Fitness Trainer, Melbourne


Excellent - the best short course i have ever done. Tanya is one of the clearest and most knowledgeable presenters I have seen. I am very glad i chose to do this Pilates course and not another.

Jamie Wood, Fitness Trainer, Sydney


I have now done 2 courses with Studio Pilates, and I was really impressed with the delivery of information and expertise. Studio Pilates helped me to feel confident to go out and teach Pilates, now i can use the skills learned to progress my career. Thank you!

Melissa Holloway, Physiotherapist, Melbourne


I have completed this course feeling very confident to go straight our and teach a class. Tanya made the learning fun and relaxed whilst still ensuring correct movement and teaching, and was very professional. I look forward to doing more training with Studio Pilates in the future.

Karen Lewis, Fitness Trainer, Melbourne


Tanya delivered the course in an easy to understand manner. She explained everything ina simple form which made it easy to understand and remember. She was a pleasure to meet and to learn from over the four days. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this course to other fitness trainers as it was fantastic!

Danielle Crowe, Fitness Trainer, Melbourne


The pilates course was fantastic as it was a very hands on practical course. I was able to watch, listen, do it myself and plenty of time to practice, so i was able to learn it all easily and remember is, and feel confident to teach at the end of the course. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Cheryl Millington, Group Fitness Instructor, Melbourne


I admire your knowledge and it's the best short course I have ever done. The knowledge I have gained is amazing. I  appreciate your patience with us students - you are very inspiring as a teacher! The courses have enabled me to open my own studio which is so exciting and rewarding.

Kate Tyrell, Les Mills Instructor Trainer, Fitness studio owner, Brisbane



I cant think of anything I would fault with the course - this is the best and most thorough course I have ever done.

Lee Churcher, Personal Trainer

The course was brilliant in providing both knowledge on how to do the exercises and where they work, as well as all the injury concerns, posture corrections and anatomy.  While the four days are intense and long, it's really rewarding to feel confident by the end and prepared to teach.

Simone Huber, Pilates Instructor, Brisbane

Excellent course giving me another tool for my trade and the confidence to implement into my personal training business.  I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone involved in the fitness industry.

Wayne Fletcher, Personal Trainer, Noosa

Having just completed the Mat training, I can say that this is very thorough ad detailed course and the learning curve, (and level of achievement at the end) for me, was HUGE. Having attended Pilates sessions for several years now, I was truly amazed at how much more there was to learn.

The course work covers not only the theory and practical execution of all Pilates matwork exercises, but extensive and vital information on injury and rehabilitation of clients so that instructors are fully confident as to the appropriateness of each exercise for an individual.

Furthermore and most importantly, we are taught to teach. Motivation, Confidence, Cueing, Voice-projection, and Professionalism are all covered in great detail. I could go on Tanya Winter manages to pack an enormous amount of information into 4 days whilst manufacturing a sense of effortless calmness and professionalism. Despite the intensity of the course, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the setting is one of feeling hugely supported. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who would like to lean to teach Pilates, as one of the most professional there is.  

Marie Barakat, Pilates Instructor, Gold Coast

I quickly developed a love for Pilates after starting classes with Studio Pilates. When I found out I could learn from some of the best, I had to jump at the chance.  I researched other courses but am extremely happy with the Studio Pilates course. I could not have learnt from a more knowledgeable teacher the content was perfect. The Studio Pilates course should be the only choice if you want to become a Pilates Instructor.

Hayley Olivier, Pilates Instructor, Brisbane

I thought I knew everything about core stability, only to find out there is so much more to learn! The course has helped me greatly in taking clients who have injuries and also in adding more variety to my sessions I loved it and found it so worthwhile. 

Mel Thompson, Personal Trainer, Brisbane

The course was great I learned far more than I expected about the body, and have a better understanding of how to train people with back injuries. I also learned how to make my client's abs burn like never before! I would highly recommend the course to PT's. 

John Baden, Personal Trainer, Sydney

I found this course so informative, practical and functional. I had done a Pilates course previously with another physiotherapy specific Pilates company, and feel like this course was much more comprehensive. It taught more exercises and went into more detail about each exercise. It contained more information about specific injuries and exercise prescription for injuries, and it also taught me how to actually instruct and teach the exercises. 

Jeannie Kim, Physiotherapist, Brisbane

I found the course was fantastic for learning how to assess core stability and activate the correct muscles around the hips, spine, shoulders and neck, both for my own training and obviously my clients. I have enjoyed using the Pilates in my boxing classes.

Jason Thomson, Personal Trainer, Newcastle

Of all the great things that can be said about the Studio Pilates education courses, the one thing that stands out is the comprehensiveness and completeness of the syllabus. After completing the physiotherapy levels then full certification, I had gained the knowledge and the experience to be able to instruct Pilates to every client whether they needed low level rehabilitation or a high performance Olympic training regime. All the exercises taught are described with every nuance to ensure correct muscle activation, and you are shown several variations of the same exercise to be able to cater to clients of varying physical abilities. The vast amount of material leaves you with the confidence that you have learned a completely new and safe exercise method to help you and your clients achieve their physical goals. 

James Mangahas, Physiotherapist, Brisbane

I have been doing Pilates for approximately 5 years, and first started due to a disc injury.  I felt that I wanted to obtain an even deeper understanding of how the body functions, and what I can do to help both myself and others feel better. This course has certainly given me this, and has also equipped me with the skills and confidence to go out into the community and help others to understand and appreciate the many benefits that the Pilates system of exercise can give them to both strengthen and, where necessary, help to heal injury. The course was very professionally presented and delivered by a qualified Physiotherapist.  Safety was foremost, and at all times I felt able to ask questions.  Throughout my dealings with Studio Pilates, communication has always been very open, transparent and positive.  I look forward to participating in a more advanced course in time. 

Alisa Wilson, Pilates Instructor, Brisbane

I had already completed another Pilates training course, but did not feel ready to start teaching after it. I did the Studio Pilates courses for Physios and could not believe how much more confident I was at teaching by the end of them, and how little teaching practice we had done in the other course. I would highly recommend it. The manuals are also fantastic, as they contain everything you could ever want to know about every single exercise very good for future reference, and the level of knowledge of the course developers shows through. 

Lauren McCluskey, Physiotherapist, Melbourne

Knowledgeable, relaxed, approachable.

Adam Bennett, Physiotherapist, Brisbane

I really enjoyed the course!  I found it to be motivational and I feel I will be a more specific and technique oriented Pilates instructor after doing the course. I had done another matwork course prior to this and found Studio Pilates Physio Level 1 Course much more in depth and specific way better. Tanya is full of knowledge, very experienced and inspiring. She is energetic, motivating, and you can tell she loves her job!
Erica McGill, Physiotherapist, Gold Coast

Just want to say Thankyou for such a great pilates course! You have managed to teach a complicated subject so concisely and clearly, and got us to a level where we can teach our own classes - without having to do months of work, hundreds of classes and best of all we don't have to send in a dratted video.

Cathy Lock, Personal Trainer, Sydney