Matwork Level 1: Precourse Exam


Upon completing these exams, your results are automatically emailed to Studio Pilates. Very occasionally, Studio Pilates does not receive the results if there is a technical failure. This can happen if your browser times out or if your internet becomes disconnected while taking the exam. As such, it is your responsibility to print a record of all exams that you complete in the case that results are not sent through to Studio Pilates.

If Studio Pilates does not receive a copy of your results and you are unable to provide proof of passing the exam, you may be required to resit the exam again.


Unfortunately the exams will not work on iPads or iPhones as Flash files are not able to be read by these devices. If you are not able to view your exam, please ensure that you are attempting to access these on a computer.


Please note that the passing grade is 80%. Once you have completed your exam, you will be able to see whether you have passed and will also be able to review any questions which you may have gotten incorrect. If you have already passed your practical component and your precourse exam, you will receive your certificate and CEC letter by email within two weeks.


Once you begin your exam, you will not be able to save it and return at a later date. If you have any difficulties, please contact us on 0422 023 222. Or email at