Expand and diversify your Pilates knowledge with Studio Pilates' brand new Foam Roller Pilates Course! This course, which is conducted entirely online, certifies you to instruct a massive repertoire of 68 Foam Roller exercises and stretches! The foam roller Pilates repertoire includes beginner exercises as well as more intermediate exercises which are fantastic cross training tools for athletes, dancers and very strong clients. No matter what type of Pilates classes you instruct, the foam roller is an essential addition to your instructing toolkit!

Why Complete This Course?

  • Foam Roller Pilates is an incredibly effective form of stability training and can enhance performance and increase overall musculoskeletal health
  • Develop an understanding of 68 beginner-intermediate foam roller Pilates exercises and stretches
  • Become certified on a new versatile piece of equipment which adds variety to your classes, breaks up boredom and increases your class offering
  • Learn about the different types of foam rollers available and which is best for particular Pilates series of exercises
  • Learn about how the foam roller benefits specific client demographics such as pregnant women, dancers, athletes and anyone with poor balance/stability
  • Learn about occupational health and safety with the foam roller
  • Learn how the foam roller repertoire increases stability, challenges clients, strengthens the entire body from the deep stabilising muscles to the peripheral muscles, and increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Basic stability exercises on the mat can be a bit tedious for clients. Learn how to incorporate the foam roller to add variety, break up boredom and challenge the stability of your clients
  • Learn a range of programming tips for programming entire foam roller classes as well as how to incorporate the foam roller into Matwork classes
  • Receive 6 sample class programs (written choreography) for entire foam roller classes as well as foam roller / Matwork fusion classes
  • Benefit from 2x sample foam roller master classes

The course is delivered completely online and includes an extensive online training centre featuring a digital manual and comprehensive video workshops.

Approaching the Foam Roller From a Pilates Perspective

In this course, we specifically look at the Foam Roller from a Pilates point of view. This course includes some stretching, massaging and release, however it is not a Myofascial release course. Instead, our Foam Roller Pilates Course incorporates both stretches and a vast arrange of beginner-intermediate Pilates based foam roller exercises.

Course Format:

Online study

Course Materials:

Online Training Centre and digital manual


Have completed the Studio Pilates Matwork Course


One online multiple choice exam


14 CECs through Fitness Australia (AUS)*

*You must be a registered Group Exercise/ Gym Instructor in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs


$280 (Digital Manual)

$350 (Hardcopy Manual - approximately 350 pages)                                                                     

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