Frequently Asked Franchise Questions

Franchisee Selection

What does Studio Pilates® consider to be the most important qualities that a franchisee needs to possess?
An outgoing nature combined with honesty, integrity, drive, the willingness to follow systems, great communication skills and a passion for helping others achieve goals are all key attributes of a Studio Pilates® franchisee.

What qualifications do you need to become a Studio Pilates® franchisee?
No previous fitness industry or Pilates qualifications are required as you will pass through our world class Pilates education facility and become an expert in the field.

Training and Operations

Do Studio Pilates® franchisees have to pass training?
Yes you will be required to undergo and pass training to a required standard in order to become successful in your business venture.

Can the Studio Pilates® training be extended if a trainee franchisee is not competent by its completion?
Of course, we want you to be awesome before you start in your no need to panic.

When is the next Studio Pilates® training course for new franchisees?
Training courses are held approximately every 6 weeks.

Do I have to train my own employees?
No you don’t. We train your employees for you as they pass through the Studio Pilates® training school to learn how to instruct. All you need to do is mentor them on their instructing style once they start, this frees up your time so you can focus on running your business. Our online training centre greatly leverages your time mentoring and training your team as new information is regulalry released. 

How often can I get new employees trained?
Courses are run every 6 weeks and often more frequently.

Where is the training held?
Much of the training is done online and face to face training courses are held in Australia in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and selected international centers as well.  

Are travel and accommodation costs included in my franchise costs?
Travel and accommodation costs are not included in your franchise costs so will need to be factored into your financial planning. We make it easy for you with competitive and affordable accommodation options for you to choose from.

Is Studio Pilates® dedicated to this franchise business full time?
Yes, Studio Pilates® if focussed on one thing and that’s Studio Pilates®.


As Studio Pilates® grows, will opportunities exist for franchisees to enter the management structure, should they acquire or possess the necessary skills?
Yes, absolutely. We believe in career progression and are focussed on seeing franchisees continually progress and evolve.

I would like to pursue multi-studio franchise opportunities - is this possible?
Yes. Studio Pilates® encourages multi-studio ownership however, there is a comprehensive multi-studio assessment process that you will be required to under-go in order to be approved as a multi-studio partner. Such criteria include requirements to have operated your initial studio for a minimum duration and to achieve certain KPI's, studio instruction quality audits, general compliance to the Franchise Agreement and business acumen.

Does Studio Pilates® plan to expand overseas?
Yes, with a clear vision to take the brand global, Studio Pilates® is very focused on international expansion and welcomes enquiries from all corners of the globe. 

Products and Services

What emphasis is placed on research and development?
The Studio Pilates International® education department is headed by Co-Founder and Physiotherapist Tanya Winter constantly integrates the latest Physiotherapy research into the Pilates education program. The same focus is placed on the business development of the company. At Studio Pilates International® we are the innovators of many world first systems and concepts making us the global leaders.

Marketing and Competition

Who are the main competitors of Studio Pilates®?
Studio Pilates® has truly created a market niche so there are very few competitors. Our closest competitors are personal training studios and other Pilates studios. Do your research and you will find Studio Pilates® provides superior value for maney in a much more stylish environment and a vastly higher quality product.

Do I get help with marketing my studio?
Yes, you will get help with low cost and effective marketing strategies. This is one of the great benefits of being a franchisee of Studio Pilates®. 


Are there any restrictions on a Studio Pilates® franchisee selling their business in the future?
When selling your franchised business your buyer will need to fulfil the current requirements for franchisee selection. Studio Pilates® may have parties wishing to purchase an existing franchise which makes this prospect more streamlined and faster.

What is the initial Studio Pilates® franchise term?
Each franchise term is 5 years.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an ‘existing’ franchise as opposed to purchasing a ‘new’ franchise?
Existing franchises are a higher investment level than new franchise as they are already established with a loyal clientele and are profitable businesses. New franchises are a smaller financial investment and you have the chance to grow the business and profit from this when you on-sell the franchise. This often suits the entry level buyer who is driven to create self success.

What should I do now if I am interested in finding our more about a Studio Pilates® franchise?
Call 0412031550 or click here to make en enquiry.


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