The start of something truly special...

In 2002 a young 23 year old couple - Jade and Tanya Winter - whose passion in life was health, fitness and helping others to enjoy the benefits of exercise, embarked on a little business in a small space in their local gymnasium that had been earmarked as a garage in its upcoming renovation.

Before this, Tanya had been treating as physiotherapist helping those who were chronically injured all the way through to elite athletes and sporting teams with ‘hands on’ physio treatment but found that what she really wanted to do was to prevent these injuries that she was fixing from occurring in the first place through exercise. Tanya was an elite swimmer when she was younger and had done Pilates as part of her strength and conditioning program and had studied Pilates whilst treating as a physio.

Jade had just finished a career as a professional athlete which saw him become a member of the Australian Swim Team and an Olympian, being selected for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Team. After swimming, he was pursuing a career as a personal trainer and studied Pilates during this time as he had used it as a cross training and performance enhancing tool as an athlete. When the opportunity presented itself to open a Pilates studio it just made sense.

Jade and Tanya had honed their craft of teaching Pilates over the 7 years teaching at this tiny studio taking over 50,000 client consultations each before opening the first concept STUDIO PILATES studio.

Here, the vision was that they wanted to create a workout system that embraced their belief that Pilates should be a HARD WORKOUT, do it to high energy music that brought a party atmosphere AND do it in style all at the same time.

In addition to this unique customer experience, they also wanted to create a way that could free them up from having to demonstrate the Pilates exercises each time which was taking them away from helping their clients to be able to perfect their technique as much as they wanted to.

And so the STUDIO PILATES concept was born and a truly glamorous studio was created and the latest in modern technology was incorporated by using an advanced computer network system to deliver an audio and visual guide for each and every exercise onto personal television screens for clients to follow right into their studio.  As instructors they could now REALLY help their clients to get a killer workout and members were amazed by the intensity of the workout they received.

The rest is STUDIO PILATES history and they believed that with some great branding and outstanding customer service, the 40min intense express classes they had created would transform peoples bodies and radically change what people thought Pilates could be.

Today both are amazed at the community that has become STUDIO PILATES. The inspiring instructors, dedicated members and the tireless STUDIO PILATES team.