Your Instructing Career at Studio Pilates®

We love to change people’s lives, helping them to achieve their fitness goals, while also empowering each individual with a strong and healthy body.

We believe that life is short and if you have the chance to do something that you love and feel passionate about, then you should jump at it! This joy of doing what you love and feeling good about the difference that you make in people’s lives is the daily reality for Studio Pilates® instructors.

As a Studio Pilates® instructor, you will experience the personal joy and satisfaction of making a real and positive impact in the lives of your class members by providing them with awesome and effective classes that they enjoy coming back to over and over again.

You will experience a world class mentoring and professional development program specifically designed to help you to improve your classes for the benefit of your clients and to enhance their results.

The question is, are you ready to change people’s lives with Studio Pilates® and change your own life at the same time?


Should I Be a Pilates Instructor? 

  • Do you love being around people and having fun?
  • Do you love helping people to feel better?
  • Do you feel you have what it takes to motivate and inspire people?
  • Do you have a passion for health and fitness?
  • Are you an active person who hates being stuck on a computer or behind a desk all day?
  • Are you good at receiving feedback and growing from it to become bigger and better? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have the passion, drive and dedication to make a great Pilates instructor!

Studio Pilates® Core Values 

We believe our corporate values define who we are as individuals and as business in the community.

Everything and everyone associated with our brand is of the highest quality. This is reflected in the spirit of our brand, the people who are part of this company, how we treat our members, the appearance of our studios and every service or product we deliver to our customers.

We have fun everyday with each other and with our clients. We realise that having a fun place to come to work every day means we can thoroughly enjoy what we do.

Helping People
The desire to help people through Pilates is what drives us. It drives our business and we believe that helping people is the highest personal reward we can achieve.

Our customers trust us with their bodies, this is the highest honour we can be paid. We honour this trust by delivering premium quality and safe instruction to our clients at all times. We trust each other and we trust our customers.

Nothing compromises our company and brand integrity. We speak with, act with, do business with and display integrity to each other and to our customers and community at all times.

The Extra Mile
We go the extra mile without being asked, we accept there may be no direct reward, we go the extra mile because we love what we do and we want to see our clients and company succeed.

Success & Excellence
We are the benchmark for excellence in our industry. We refuse to accept mediocrity or half measures. We continually strive to exceed excellence as instructors, and achieve success as a business, and as members of our team.


Studio Pilates® Platinum Workouts

The Studio Pilates International® workout experience is different from any classes and it is quite simply, The Ultimate Toning Workout™. We incorporate multimedia driven technology into our classes to deliver the highest quality workouts to our members and to assist us to instruct a safe, effective and focussed class.

The benefit of this multimedia technology is that you do not have to demonstrate exercises and essential are able to spend more one on one time with clients encouraging, modifying and motivating.

A Studio Pilates® International® class incorporates high-energy music and is an intense, full body-sculpting workout that is scientifically pre-sequenced and programmed to obtain maximum results for the participant.

At Studio Pilates International® we will teach you how to inspire and push your class participants to the next level, changing their body along the way and ultimately changing their lives.


Studio Pilates® Opportunities and Benefits

Your career possibilities with Studio Pilates® are endless! There are a wide range of opportunities and benefits which you will benefit from upon joining the Studio Pilates® family. Just some of these include –

Studio Pilates Membership

  • You benefit from a Studio Pilates membership valued at $3,000. This means that you can attend Platinum workouts for free while you are training and while you are employed by Studio Pilates.

Studio Pilates Certification

Upon completing your Platinum Instructor Certification, you will receive –

  • Studio Pilates Reformer Certificate
  • 15 CECs through Fitness Australia

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Initial training as well as ongoing instructing professional development
  • Weekly internal Professional Development featuring exercise workshops, injury spotlights and instructing technique reviews
  • Quarterly in house Masterclasses

Career Opportunities

  • As trainees or graduates of the Studio Pilates® International® Platinum Instructor Training Program, you will be the first to receive notification of instructing positions that become available in any company owned or franchised studio.
  • Opportunities will exist for you to cover existing instructors across the franchise network who are sick or away on holidays. These positions will generally be circulated on our internal Google+ circle first and then by email and phone.

Career Progressions

Opportunities to become -

  • A Studio Pilates® Mentor and guide Platinum trainees through their Shadowing process
  • A Studio Pilates® Instructor Trainer, facilitating SP courses
  • A Studio Pilates® Franchisee, and the opportunity to run your own Studio Pilates® location
  • A manager of a Studio Pilates® location
  • A part of our corporate team

Prerequistes to Instructing at Studio Pilates®

To instruct in a Studio Pilates® location, you must have completed the Studio Pilates® Platinum Certification. To find out more about this certification, please click the button below.