What Is Studio Pilates® Matwork?

Studio Pilates® Matwork is a pre-choreographed Group Fitness Program which has been specifically created for the fitness industry. Studio Pilates® Matwork incorporates equipment into a Pilates class to take the workout to a whole new level, getting members real results....fast. The program utilizes a unique and constantly evolving sequence of exercises to tone and transform your entire body. It combines 90 years of tradition with cutting edge research to give you a workout like no other. Studio Pilates® Matwork classes are currently running in major gyms Australia wide and internationally including in Virgin Active Health Clubs, Fitness First, Contours, Fernwood, Curves and more!

Where Can My Career Take Me?

With modules available that enable you to become a Master Instructor, an Instructor Trainer or Master Trainer, your career could take you to the state, national or international level... You can even become a franchisee and own your own Studio Pilates International® Platinum Studio.


To be eligible to become a Licensed Instructor, you must: 

  1. Have completed the Studio Pilates Matwork Course or the Studio Pilates Bridging Course
  2. Currently instruct in a Studio Pilates Licensed Gym facility

Where Can I Work?

Studio Pilates® Matwork instructors are in very high demand due to the high quality of the Studio Pilates® programs and the education provided.  Once licensed, you can teach Studio Pilates® Matwork classes in any club that is a part of the rapidly expanding Studio Pilates® network of licensed Health Clubs and facilities across the country. You can even teach freestyle Pilates classes in other locations if you wish, giving you total flexibility. Is your facility not licensed yet but want to instruct? No problems...give us a call and we will explain just how easy it is to join our network.

How Do I Get Started? 

To get started, you will need to contact Siobhan on 0488 014 618 or education@studiopilates.com. Siobhan will be able to tell you whether you are eligible to become a Licensed Matwork Instructor. If you have already spoken to Siobhan, and you are eligible to become a Licensed Instructor, you can sign up to become a Licensed Instructor below by: 

  1. Reading through your Licensed Instructor Agreement
  2. Agreeing to the terms of the agreement and officially signing up
  3. Purchasing the current release

Your Licensed Instructor Agreement Explained

Here are the most important points to consider from your Licensed Instructor agreement – in plain English!

As a Licensed Instructor, it is your responsibility to:

  • Make sure you are always using the approved music
  • Only instruct the scheduled program (no skipping ahead to Program B if you are in the Program A cycle)
  • Only instruct your Studio Pilates program in your Licensed setting (you cannot instruct the program at your other Pilates job or at the local park for some friends)
  • Only use the Studio Pilates equipment (circles, bands and music) for Studio Pilates classes
  • Make sure your license is updated each quarter. If your license is not renewed and current, you are not eligible to instruct
  • Make sure you have sufficiently learned your program using the online training resources
  • Submit your online test with each new release, then print off your Certificate of Currency
  • Hand your new Certificate of Currency to your group fitness manager each quarter