About The Course

The Studio Pilates International® Pilates for Back Pain Course allows you to gain further knowledge about back injuries and their implications for Pilates. This course takes the back pain information you learn in the Matwork Course to the next level, covering specific back programming and issues in greater detail and giving you more confidence in instructing clients with back injuries.
In this course, you will learn - 
  • 28 new back pain specific exercises & modifications
  • Receive 12 sample back pain class programs
  • Breakdown of the most common back injuries and their implications for Pilates, including Disc Injuries, Disc Replacement, Spinal Fusion, Sciatica, Facet / Z Joint Problems, Osteoarthritis, Thoracic Spine Pain, Sacro Iliac Joint Problems, Pubic Bone Problems and Spondylolisthesis
  • How to modify and troubleshoot each Matwork exercise for back pain 
  • How to program for and progress a client through the acute, sub acute and ongoing stages of their injury
  • Before, during and after class client care guidelines
  • Printable resources to utilise in your Pilates business including a printable back pain client questionnaire, back pain initial assessment, and client home exercise program
  • Printable informative handout to give clients detailing how Pilates can help their back injury
  • Revision of muscle recruitment tests and how these can be utilised for back pain clients
  • Revision of postural types and how these can make clients prone to back injuries
  • Anatomy revision of the vertebral column, axial muscles and appendicular muscles
The course is delivered completely online and includes an extensive online training centre featuring a digital manual and comprehensive video workshops.
Course Format:

 10 hours of online study

Course Materials:

Online Training Centre and digital manual


Have completed the Studio Pilates Matwork Course


One online multiple choice exam


$280 (Digital Manual)*

$340 (Hardcopy Manual - 293 pages)*  


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