Pilates Training

Pilates Training with Studio Pilates®

Pilates training with Studio Pilates® combines 90 years of tradition with cutting edge research to give you a Pilates Certification Course like no other. Studio Pilates training courses have been created by physiotherapists, but with the traditional Pilates exercises. As a result, you learn the modern science behind the original exercises. In your Pilates training certification course, we also teach you how to challenge your clients and modify exercises for particular injuries. Our Pilates training courses have specifically been tailored for both the clinical setting and the fitness industry so you can be sure that you receive the highest quality Pilates education and your clients receive great results.

The Ultimate Pilates Training for Instructors

Embark on a new career as Pilates instructor by becoming certified with Studio Pilates International®. Our instructor Pilates training are designed with you in mind and our unique modular training system is flexible, comprehensive and dramatically speeds up the learning process, allowing you to get certified faster.

Most other courses require you to log hundreds of boring hours watching other people teach classes. Studio Pilates® however is different as we’ve done away with the logging of supervision hours and instead, we provide you with access to our world leading online training centre before your course commences. This allows you to study the course content in your own time before you experience the practical element of your training. 

You can choose to do just one module or our full Studio Certification Package, it’s your choice. Your certification journey begins with our Pilates Matwork module that once completed, qualifies you to teach Pilates Matwork classes. You can then go on to do any of our other modules and start using what you know in your Pilates career.

For more information and to view Studio Pilates® course outlines, CLICK HERE.

Pilates Training Course Locations

 Studio Pilates Training Courses are held Australia wide and internationally! We currently run - 

  • Brisbane Pilates Training Courses
  • Sydney Pilates Training Courses
  • Melbourne Pilates Training Courses
  • Perth Pilates Training Courses
  • Adelaide Pilates Training Courses
  • Canberra Pilates Training Courses
  • Hobart Pilates Training Courses
  • New Zealand Pilates Training Courses
  • Singapore Pilates Training Courses
  • Dubai Pilates Training Courses

What Can I Do With My Pilates Training? 

Many people ask us "what can I do after completing my course?" After attending your Matwork Pilates Instrucing Course, you will be a qualified Matwork instructor and be eligible to instruct Pilates in a gym, a Pilates studio, from home, in a park or at many Allied Health clinics. 

Pilates Training Accreditation

Studio Pilates® training courses are accredited in Australia, New Zealand and the United States with the industry's highest calibre accrediting bodies. 

  • American Council on Exercises (ACE) approved course for continuing education
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) approved course for continuing education
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) approved course for continuing education
  • Fitness Australia approved course for continuing education
  • REPs New Zealand approved course for continuing education

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Pilates Training

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