Course Description

The Platinum Instructor Certification is Studio Pilates'® most advanced and comprehensive training course which enables you to instruct in a Studio Pilates® studio with our video technology. The Platinum Instructor Certification comprises two online modules (Body Essentials and Pre-Platinum) in addition to a 7 day face to face course and one on one shadowing with a Studio Pilates® Mentor. This means that you not only receive access to Studio Pilates'® most exclusive and comprehensive training resources, but also benefit from the face to face course where you are able to consolidate your knowledge and practise your instructing in a practical environment. The aim of the Platinum Instructing Program is to empower Studio Pilates® instructors with the knowledge and skills to become the world's most elite and qualified Pilates instructors.


At a Glance


  • Studio Pilates Anatomy Course or equivalent studies in anatomy and physiology.
  • It is recommended that you have attended at least 10 Platinum classes at your local Studio Pilates.
  • Because this course trains instructors to work in a Studio Pilates Platinum studio, you must currently live near to a Studio Pilates location in order to enrol in the course.

Precourse Study:

  • 48 hours (Note: Due to the pre-course study involved, course registrations close 2 months prior to the course date)
Course Duration:
  • 7 days 

Course Format:

  • Online course study
  • 7 day practical course
  • One on one shadowing with a Studio Pilates Mentor (on average 60-150 hours)
  • Click here to view Shadowing Terms and Conditions

Course Materials:  

  • Online Training Centre
  • Platinum Instructing Manual
  • Platinum Body Essentials Manual


  • Online multiple choice exams
  • Practical assessment at course
  • Pravtical assessment during shadowing


  • Digital Manual: $2200   
  • Hard Copy Manual: $2340                                                                                   

What is Included?

Body Essentials Module (Online)

  • Gain confidence with a range of different physical requirements and injuries including osteoporosis, neck problems, sciatica, muscle strain, instability, SIJ problems, disc problems, shin splints, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, achilles tendonitis, ankle sprain, patello-femoral pain, hip instability, medial leigament knee problems and much more
  • Learn about postural assessments (correct posture, flatback, lordosis, swayback, scoliosis, and hypermobility) and how to perform a physical assessment on your client 
  • Learn how to assess poor movement patterns as well as posture and core stability
  • Learn how to correctly activate your clients' deep core stabilisers
  • Learn about Pregnancy and post natal issues and the implications for Pilates
  • Gain insight into the history and basic founding principles of Pilates
  • Give yourself the best chance of success as an instructor by having a solid understanding of injury management and rehabilitationic founding principles of Pilates
Pre-Platinum Module (Online) 
  • Learn how to physically correct/palpate clients from different positions including supine, 4 point kneeling, sidelying and prone
  • Learn 96 Reformer exercises
  • Learn 20 Matwork exercises
  • Learn 6 Band and Circle exercises
  • Learn the Studio Pilates® instructing system 
7 Day Platinum Course (Face to Face)
  • The 7 day course is incredibly practical and hands on you get to experience all of the exercises, feel them in your body AND practise teaching the group
  • Become familiar with the Studio Pilates® Platinum cueing formula/methods of instruction, imagery, demonstration, voice projection and variation
  • Learn how to work with the Studio Pilates® Digital Exercise Delivery System
  • Learn how to compliment, encourage and motivate your clients to ensure a maximum client return rate
  • Learn about pregnancy guidelines protocols in Studio Pilates® studios
  • Become oriented with the Reformers, their components and how to use them
  • You benefit from practical knowledge on how to keep clients safe during your classes and how to modify exercises based on particular injuries
  • Learn how to accurately prescribe springs ranges to a wide range of client demographics
  • Practise teaching all of the exercises which you learned in the Pre-Platinum Module and receive practical instructing feedback 


Why This Course? 

  • Studio Pilates'® most comprehensive course designed to transform you into a world class instructor 
  • Learn how to instruct a Studio Pilates® Platinum Class and gain the pre-requisite certification required to instruct in a Studio Pilates® studio!
  • Practice teaching and cueing in a practical environment
  • Learn over 130 exercises on the Reformer (including a small number of basic Matwork exercises and Circle and Band exercises)
  • Receive a Reformer Certification
  • Earn 15 continuing education credits (CECs) through Fitness Australia
  • Instruct Reformer Pilates in studios other than Studio Pilates®
  • You benefit from ongoing access to your Matwork Online Training centre after completing the course this
    means that you can go back and revise your course content at any time to refresh your knowledge
  • Ongoing career opportunities and job notifications - as trainees or graduates of the Studio Pilates International® Platinum Instructor Training Program, you will be the first to receive notification of instructing positions that become available in any company owned or franchised studio.

How is Studio Pilates® Training Different? 

At Studio Pilates®, you are learning directly from the industry leaders in Pilates instructor certification. Our trainers have a combined 60 years' worth of experience in the Pilates industry, meaning that you benefit from our wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and tools which have been created to help you succeed faster than you would on your own.

Unlike other training programs, you receive personalised instructing feedback every single step of the way. You benefit from one on one shadowing with a Studio Pilates® mentor where you receive practical instructing feedback in a supported and non-intimidating environment.

In standard Reformer training courses, you will learn a range of Reformer exercises but you most likely will not learn how to cue the exercise to a group, how to motivate clients performing that exercise, how to modify the exercise for particular injuries and pathologies, how to physically correct or touch a client performing the exercise to ensure they are working the correct muscles or how to make the exercise harder or easier for different client demographics.

The Studio Pilates® Platinum Training is the world's most comprehensive Reformer training, covering not only all of these aspects, but also featuring entire modules on postural assessments, injury management and prevention, occupational health and safety, physical corrections, additional Matwork, Circle and Band exercises which can be performed on the Reformer, delving into the psychology of your clients and physical training principles such as adaptation cycles and basic principles of resistance training.

Unlike standard Reformer training courses, upon passing the Platinum Training, you have an extremely high likelihood of obtaining a position at a Studio Pilates® location.

Platinum Instructor Course vs. Full Matwork and Reformer Certification 

You should complete your Platinum Certification course if your aim is to work in a Studio Pilates® studio. If your main goal is to work in a gym or Pilates studio other than Studio Pilates®, you should complete the standard Matwork and Reformer courses. At the end of your Platinum Certification, you will receive a Reformer Certificate but not a Matwork Certificate. If you require the full Matwork certification, you should consider completing the Studio Pilates® Matwork course


What Happens After the Platinum Course? 

After completing the Platinum Course, if you would like to apply for a position at a Studio Pilates® studio, you will undertake further training in the form of Shadowing with a Studio Pilates Mentor. You will also undertake further online study using the Studio Pilates® Online Training Centre. 

How to Enrol in the Platinum Instructor Course

If you would like to enrol in the Platinum Instructor Certification, you can register online by clicking the image below or you can call us on +61 7 3899 4555 or +61 488 014 618 to learn more. Alternatively, fill out the form below and a Course Advisor will be in contact with you shortly! Please note that due to the pre course study required in completing this course, registrations close 2 months prior to each course date. 

Call 07 3899 4555 or 0488 014 618 to find out more, or simply fill out the form below and a Course Advisor will contact you as soon as possible!



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