How long will it take to get my product?

If in stock, your product will be shipped either the day your order is placed, or the next working day at the latest. This means you will receive your product within 4 working days in Australia, and 10 working days for shipping outside of Australia.

Do I need any equipment to do the DVDs?

No, all that you need is a DVD player and a comfortable Pilates mat to lie on. The Back to Basics, Miniskirt Makeover and Brazilian Butt Toner DVDs have two bonus workouts in addition to the main workout (main workout requires no equipment). One of these workouts uses things that you find in your home as props eg chair, water bottle or weights, and the other bonus workout does use small equipment such as the ball, circle and band, so if you want to be able to do this bonus section of the DVD then you may wish to purchase some of the products. If not, there is still over 1 hour of exercises requiring no equipment at all on the DVDs.

Which DVD is the best one for me?

This will depend entirely on what you want to achieve.

The Back to Basics DVD is best for those using Pilates for rehabilitation, back or neck pain, or those wishing to start Pilates with no prior Pilates experience and a current lower level of fitness.

The Miniskirt Makeover and Brazilian Butt Toner are more intense workouts which do work the whole body but have a focus on toning and reshaping the legs and buttocks. These DVDs also have bonus workouts to challenge you even further.

Amazing Abs is an express abdominal workout that will take your abs from fat to flat in 20 sessions.

Do you need to be good at Pilates already to use the Personal Pilates Studio?

No, the instructional workout DVD starts off with a basics chapter to teach you the basics of Pilates, the breathing, and correct spinal position and posture. The DVD gives easy to understand explanations and demonstrations of every exercise, and you can also use the DVD and workout with it at the same time to gain constant instruction – it is like having an instructor in your own home! You can make exercises easier of harder by changing your body position and this is explained in the DVD.

Is the Personal Pilates Studio difficult to assemble?

It is very easy to assemble, in fact takes less than 1 minute for the initial set up, then less than 10 seconds each time you use it. The instructions are explained and demonstrated clearly on the DVD.

Are the Personal Pilates Studio springs going to be heavy enough to make me work hard?

Absolutely, they are the same springs that are used on a trapeze table in a Pilates studio. To make it more challenging, you simply move further away from the doorway where it is anchored. The Pilates exercises build on each other and after a whole series of exercises on one body area, you really feel that it has worked!

For how long do the Personal Pilates Studio springs last?

They are the same high quality, durable springs that are used in our Pilates studios on the trapeze tables 14 hours a day, and they last for approx 3 years!  So unless you are planning on working out 14 hours a day (you would look fantastic if you did!!), they will last you a very, very long time. Just be careful not to drop them on their ends as this is the only possible way to damage them.