A little piece of New York in your neighbourhood...



Pilates is rich in tradition and the global Pilates phenomena started in the 1920’s in New York, a truly glamorous era in history.

New York’s elite and Hollywood celebrities could often be spotted after taking a Pilates class at the very first Pilates studio on 8th avenue and 56th street in New York.

Studio Pilates International® defines the modern Pilates studio experience whilst maintaining its rich and glamorous history.

Until now, Pilates studio classes have been the luxury workout of choice for a privileged few... now Studio Pilates International® brings Pilates studios direct to your neighbourhood so you can work out like the rich and famous in true New York glamour and style.

About our workouts

We created the Studio Pilates International® way of doing Pilates because we were bored and frustrated with Pilates classes that didn’t work.

We believe a Pilates class that you can’t feel burning is not worth doing. This is why we cut out any ineffective exercises that you don’t feel, leaving incredibly effective workouts that burn fat, tone your body and leave you looking and feeling amazing.

Our Pilates studio workouts use the Pilates reformer to add resistance to your workout. Each class is a convenient 40 minutes long and works the entire body each and every time you visit.




About our technological breakthrough

We believe that when Pilates is done with perfect technique, the results are amazing. As instructors, we were forever frustrated with not being able to focus on our clients’ technique because we were always explaining the exercises instead. So we recorded and filmed a unique series of the highly effective body sculpting workouts and these now play on television screens in all of our studios. This new way of working out is a world first, it gives you clear and precise instructions and it has freed us up to be able to focus on the most important thing in the class....you.

About our Pilates products

People had heard about the amazing results that others had achieved when doing our workouts but so many couldn’t make it to one of our studios due to time, location or budgetary restrictions. We wanted to help these people and so we created our line of Pilates products and DVDs. Now people worldwide enjoy the body sculpting and toning benefits of Studio Pilates International® workouts from the luxury and comfort of their own home.

About our instructor training courses

Our instructor training mission is to rid the world of boring and soft Pilates classes one gymnasium, one Pilates studio at a time. As we mentioned earlier, we believe if you can’t feel it burning...it’s not worth doing. That’s why we founded the Studio Pilates International® instructor training program, to help train world class instructors who love a good workout and who want to help others to tone their bodies with Pilates.

Can you help us in our mission? Can you become a Studio Pilates International® instructor and help us to spread the word?

About our franchise opportunities

We created our franchising out of our burning desire to free entrepreneurially minded women from having to rely on others for financial support. There is nothing more empowering than generating your own success and knowing you are in total control of your own future...of your life...of your dreams...

Are you one of these women? Do you want to be part of our winning team? Join us today and enjoy the rewards of Pilates.