The Wunda Chair is a small piece of Pilates equipment found in most studios. It is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment and is great for challenging and adding variety for clients. In this one day course, you will learn an advanced repertoire of Wunda Chair exercises to push your clients harder and also cater to different levels of fitness.


Studio Pilates Matwork Course

Precourse Study:

10 hours

Course Duration:

1 day                                                                             

Course Materials:

Wunda Chair Manual


Practical assessment at course


Digital Manual: $360  
Hard Copy Manual: $390


Why This Course? 

  • Increase your job opportunities Wunda Chair certification is essential to be able to work in a lot of Pilates studios and Allied Health Clinics
  • Wunda Chair is fantastic for your pregnant clients because you can prescribe a whole range of exercises sitting and standing
  • It is also great for injured and elderly clients as the exercise are perfect for rehabilitation, balance, and coordination.
  • The Wunda Chair is a cost effect and space saving piece of equipment which is a great addition to your business.
  • Wunda Chair exercises are incredibly versatile and cater to clients of all levels from rehabilitation through to elite athletes
  • All of the above is available for you to learn in 1 day for $360

How to Enrol in Wunda Chair

If you would like to enrol in Wunda Chair, you can register online by clicking the image below or you can call us on +61 7 3899 4555 or +61 488 014 618 to learn more. Alternatively, fill out the form below and a Course Advisor will be in contact with you shortly!




Call 07 3899 4555 or 0488 014 618 to find out more, or simply fill out the form below and a Course Advisor will contact you as soon as possible!

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