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30 Day Challenge – Karlene’s Story

Why did you decide to do the SP 30 Day Challenge? What was the trigger, the thing that motivated you to join the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge?
During the years of pursuing my ideal body weight and size, I have tortured my body with yo-yo dieting and extreme physical exercise.  The last attempt was participating in a bootcamp, which resulted in injury.  Shortly after this, I turned 50 and promised myself I was going to be kinder to my body.

Why Studio Pilates?
I had participated in some occasional Pilates classes through a gym and knew this gentle, yet intensive form of exercise was ideal for me.  As I was experiencing chronic back and limb pain caused from my career in nursing, motherhood and sports, being in the large overcrowded classes, with one instructor demonstrating, concerned me.

Studio Pilates immediately impressed me with the individualised attention the instructors give, ensuring my exercise regime is amended to cater for my individual incapacities, aches or pains. Right from the moment I enter the room I am treated as an individual and not just a number.  The instructors know my name and without fail check how my body feels before we commence class.

I have never been happier or more motivated with my exercise regime. 

The 40 minute programs are not daunting or overwhelming.  The variety of the exercises in each program ensures I walk away from class feeling like I have really worked my muscles, without being over strenuous or taxing.  It is very satisfying knowing your muscles have worked, without the unnecessary, sometimes crippling, pain inflicted by other exercise programs.

I love using the reformer and the circle is my friend!



Has your lifestyle and health changed since starting Pilates?
Since commencing at Studio Pilates 12 months ago, my weight has decreased by 20 kg.  I feel stronger, fitter and leaner.   My body feels more toned, supple and flexible, and I now have the best posture.

What was your biggest accomplishment from the Challenge?
I have loved joining the Hell Week & 30 Day Challenges and I am incredibly proud that I have now won my second 30 Day Challenge.

Thank you to the fabulous Studio Pilates Wellington Point team for enabling and supporting my new healthy Pilates addiction!

About Karlene
Karlene is a winner of the 30 Day Challenge, August 2018 at Studio Pilates Wellington Point. She lost 4.7% (3.5kg) overall body weight. This is the second time she has won a 30 Day Challenge. Congratulations to Karlene on her incredible efforts and amazing results!