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Celebrating 30 Day Challenge: Amy’s Story

Amy has just completed the August 30 Day Challenge at Studio Pilates Bathurst Street in Sydney’s CBD. Here’s what she had to say about her 30 Day Challenge experience – 

Why did you decide to do the SP 30 Day Challenge? What was the trigger, the thing that motivated you to join the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge? 

I wanted to focus on my fitness and strength. My job is complex and demanding, and I needed to prioritise me so that my job wouldn’t consume me. Ultimately, I want to be a fun, energetic and strong Mum for my two little girls.

Did you have a specific goal? 

Strength and weight loss! I have achieved both! Further to this though, I’ve found the motivation to prioritise me so that I can be better for everybody else.

What did you like best about the Challenge itself? 

In no particular order –

– The personal accountability to keep going because of the ‘crossing off’ of classes
– The positivity of all staff as I entered and left every week
– The emails!
– How I feel!

What was the best piece of advice you received doing the Challenge?

Just [to keep] refining my technique.

What were your challenges or struggles during the program? How did you overcome them? 

Ensuring that my partner could be home to look after the girls. We prioritised our schedules!

Did you ever feel like giving up? 

The first week was a little tricky, but it was just getting used to a new routine with a demanding job.

What was your biggest accomplishment by the end of the program?

1. I can’t believe I have come close to achieving something in fitness or sport 🙂
2. How I feel!
3. How I want to sign up for the four classes/week until the next Challenge.

How has doing Studio Pilates changed you physically? And mentally?

So much more energy and momentum! This has been really exciting!
Mentally – I no longer come home and make a cup of tea and relax – I power through the afternoon because I know I have Pilates at 7 pm. It means that when I get home from Pilates, I can truly switch off because I have achieved most things in my day.

Do you have any tips or words of advice or inspiration you would like to share with others?

It’s 100% worth it! The class aspect is energising. The instructors differentiate, to ensure it is really personal. The strength I’ve gained is next level.