Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our February 30 Day Challenge Winners!

A very big congratulations to clients across all our studios who participated in the February 30 Day Challenge.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the life-changing results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


“Thank you to you all at Studio Pilates Henley Beach for enabling me to achieve my goals of losing weight, strengthening my body and improving my flexibility. I highly recommend [it] for anyone looking to do something amazing for their body no matter what their age!”

– Barrie, who completed the Challenge with his wife, Lyn,  at Studio Pilates Henley Beach

“After having my first child three months prior to starting the Challenge, I was lacking self-confidence and didn’t know how I was going to fit exercise into my life with the responsibility of a baby. Starting back to exercise with the 30 Day Challenge meant I was accountable and it was just the kick start I needed to get my head in the right place and get the results I wanted. I lost 18cm from my waist and I feel better than I have in years. The instructors were always checking for correct technique and pushed me where necessary. I will definitely be signing up to another Challenge in the future!”

– Lauren, who completed the Challenge at Studio Pilates Hamilton 

“I decided to do the Challenge after coming back from Nepal … I’m climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in August, so it [was] a good opportunity to lose some weight and get back into healthy habits in the lead-up to doing the climb!”

– Claire, who completed the Challenge at Studio Pilates Hawthorne

Claire – 19% body fat lost
Lauren – 7.5cms lost overall
Bev – Judges’ Choice – smashed all the PT sessions

West End
Maria – 3.55% body fat lost

– 7.1kg (4.2%) weight lost. 

 – Pilates Addict – started off her 30 Day Challenge as a beginner, she is now addicted, is loving how her body is feeling and accepts any challenge we give her!
Nicole C – Best Body Scan – lost 3.7% body fat and reduced her waist and hip measurements!
Nicole S – Best Measurements – highest % weight loss, now attending up to 7 classes per week!
Loren – Pilates Super Star – absolutely smashed her body scan results, took on every challenge that we gave her in every class.. her strength gains are outstanding!

Sarah – 4.4kg (4.53% ) body weight lost & 12.6cm from her waist
Laura – 2.7kg (3.25%) body weight lost
Martine – 2kg (3.13%) body weight lost

Wellington Point
Alison – 3.7kg (5.04%) weight lost

Brisbane City
 – 3.7 (3.59%) body weight lost
Tracey  – 2.3kg (3.06%) body weight lost
Kate –
1.5kg (2.08%) body weight lost

Adelaide City


Henley Beach
Angie – Overall Winner – muscle gain 1.3kg, fat loss 1.2kg
Barrie – Instructors’ Choice – fat loss 3.5kg, lost 5kg overall, strengthened his body and improved flexibility.

Britt –
Best Overall Body Transformation – lost 1% overall body fat, with 3.5cm each off her hips and waist
Sam –  Biggest % Body Fat Lost – 3.5%
Kelly – Most Muscle Mass Gained – 1kg

Suzzanne – Winner for Intensity & Consistency. Suzanne was highly focused at every session and lost overall body fat.
Rania – Winner of the Instructors Award
Marlena – Winner of the Mind, Body and Spirit Award

North Lakes
Melissa – 9.4kg (6.1%) body weight lost, she also increased her strength and improved her nutrition.

Nundah Village
Louisa – 1kg body weight lost & a total of 6cms lost from her waist and hips! Also achieved her goal of stronger arms and legs.
Shalini – achieved all of her goals, including strengthening her knees, with her knee pain-free by the end of the Challenge!
Carla – has done many Challenges previously, but still lost 7.5cm from her waist and hips and was eating better and feeling stronger.
Jo – lost 3.5cm from her waist, 2.5cm from each leg and added 1 cm to her bottom.

– Instructors’ Choice Award
 Fiona – Body Scan Results Winner
Diana – 
Body Scan Results Winner

– Overall  Challenge Winner – 4kg (5.6%) body weight lost
Bridget – Commitment Winner
Adam – Instructor’s Choice Award

– Overall Winner – achieved all of her goals!
Linda – Runner-Up – achieved all of her goals!