Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our November 2019 30 Day Challenge Winners!

A very big congratulations to clients across all our studios who participated in the November 2019 30 Day Challenge.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the life-changing results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


North Lakes
Hayley – Overall Winner – achieved her goals of increasing her overall strength and fitness. She also feels more toned! Hayley lost 4.3kg (6.6%) body weight.

Annika – Overall Winner – (40 classes in 19 days)
Donna – Power –
powered through 28 classes in 27 days.
Kimberley – Passion – completed the challenge while doing the Platinum course.
Julie – Progress –  other clients complimented Julie on her technique.
Anastasiia – Persistence – is always here with a smile on her face and was determined to finish the 30DC.

Mel – Best Body Scan
Tash – Best Body Measurements
Candice – Pilates Addict

Hayley – 1st place –
Hayley worked incredibly hard this challenge, pushing the springs every class and smashing her weight loss goals!
Neena – 2nd place – Neena smashed out her challenge and even finished early! She never missed a class and showed an increase in strength.
Sue – 3rd place – Massive congratulations to Sue who conquered many early 5:45am classes and worked on her fitness outside of the studio!

Ken – Power –
What Ken has achieved both at Studio Pilates and outside of the studio is incredible! He comes into each and every class and gives it his all! We cannot wait to continue watching him grow and improve!
Christine – Progress – Christine was encouraged to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge by her daughter and has gone from strength to strength each session!
Belinda – Passion – Bel has been a real go-getter! The changes she has seen in herself and the change we have seen in her and the passion she had throughout the challenge to always work a little bit harder is incredible. Plus she never said no to adding ankle weights!
Jo – Persistence – While Jo initially signed up for 20 classes, in the end she smashed out 28! She has been so committed and persistent ever since she walked through the studio doors in July. We cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for Jo!

Tamika – Overall Best Measurements –
most centimetres lost and achieved all of her fitness goals for the 30 Day Challenge.
Mel – Second Best Overall Measurements – most centimetres lost and achieved all of her fitness goals for the 30 Day Challenge.
Fiona – Greatest Overall Weight Loss – fully embraced the 30 Day Challenge and achieved fantastic results
Danrie – Second Greatest Overall Weight Loss – fully embraced the 30 Day Challenge and achieved fantastic results
Marisa – Spirit Award – Marisa created a true sense of community during the Challenge and really drew everyone together!

Jaime – Best Overall Body Scan
Paul – Best Overall Measurements
Doug – Instructor’s Choice
Patricia – Pilates Addict 

Wynyard Quarter
Jeni – Overall Winner –
Jeni lost 10cm from her waist by changing her eating habits and ensuring she completed all her classes (often doing back to backs when necessary!) She had an amazing attitude throughout the entire Challenge!

Mark – Overall Winner –
Mark lost 3kg, improved his BMI and measurements! He is so committed to his new lifestyle that he is going to continue the Challenge all the way up until Christmas!

Maison – Instructor’s Choice –
Completed the Super Challenge and even came to a few extra classes!
Hayley – Instructor’s Choice –
Completed the Super Challenge and even came to a few extra classes!

West Leederville
Portia –
displayed determination throughout the Challenge and achieved great results!
Sarah –
was super consistent and showed great commitment throughout the Challenge!
Danielle –
always pushed that little bit harder each and every class!

Alison – 1st place –
Alison lost 3.2kg and never missed a class during the Challenge!
Dan – 2nd place – Dan also lost 3.2kg and had 100% class attendance!
Elizabeth – 3rd place – Elizabeth lost 1.8kg and made sure to never miss a class!

Laura – Overall Winner –
Laura’s amazing commitment to the Challenge saw her lose a total of 5% body fat and 2.4kg!
Michael – 2nd place – Michael smashed out a Super Challenge, plus an extra 6 classes. An amazing 34 in total!
Susan – Instructor’s Choice – Susan gave it her all during the Challenge! She adjusted her diet and took on every new challenge with positivity!

Ratana – Intensity and Consistency
Siobhan – Best Measurements
Cristina – Holistic Award 

West End
Lisa –
Lisa lost an incredible 13.5cm from her waist!
Clare – Clare lost 3.27% body fat thanks to her amazing dedication throughout the Challenge! 
Zowie –
Zowie showed great commitment and consistency throughout the Challenge.
Alison –
Alison gave the Challenge her all and improved upon her body measurements.

Will – Commitment and Determination
Erica – Pilates Addict and Positivity
Jen – Biggest Effort and Change in Habits

Jordana – Commitment and Determination
Emma T – Intensity and Commitment
Emma K – Biggest Improvement in Technique 

Adelaide City
Megan –
showed great determination toward achieving her goals throughout the Challenge!
Katelyn –
gave it her all during every class throughout the Challenge!

Wellington Point
Ella – Overall Winner –
achieved amazing results!

Julia – Most Weight Lost – 
an amazing 4.9kg lost!
Susan – Most Body Fat Lost –
4.2% body fat lost!
Kit – Instructor’s Choice –
Kit showed great consistency and determination throughout the entire Challenge! 

Palm Beach
Jodie – Palmy Pro –
Jodie was not only the first to reach 20 classes, she also attended the most classes in 30 days. She also has a great work ethic, awesome personality and a real joy to have in the studio!
Kate – Progress –
Kate had a baby 4 months ago and had some resulting issues. She saw her Doctor recently and he said that her pelvic floor had improved by 70% since beginning the Challenge. The result is a credit to Kate’s commitment and hard work ethic!
Ella – Positivity –
Ella is a our little ray of sunshine, who is always super friendly and bubbly and a delight to have around.
Bronte – Persistence – Bronte was never a morning person, especially for exercise. Throughout the whole Challenge, Bronte stayed committed to her schedule and would often stay back for technique tips with our instructor, Holly. 
Margarette – Power –
Marg is an inspiration for us all. She is always increasing her springs whilst upholding great technique
Karla – Passion – 
Karla has improved out of sight since the beginning of the Challenge. She stayed committed throughout, worked hard during her workouts and she always had a smile on her face.

Mt Gravatt
Michelle – Overall Winner – 
Michelle lost an amazing 3.7kg! Her dedication to the Challenge was outstanding. She always pushed through the hardest classes with a smile on her face!
Jodi – 2nd place – Jodi lost an incredible 3.3kg! She pushed through the hardest days of the Challenge to achieve her goals. She never missed a class, regularly attending at 5am!
Lynda – 3rd place – Lynda lost 2.2kg due to her hard work throughout the entire Challenge!
Rachael – Persistence – Rachael smashed through 28 classes and pushed through with amazing dedication until the very end!

Ian – Overall Winner – 
Ian did daily 10km runs and attended all classes throughout the 30 Day Challenge. Amazing achievement and commitment!!

Henley Beach
Ciara – Overall Winner – Lost an amazing 4kg and achieved all of her goals!

Lina –
Great results and amazing personal growth
Rekha – Great results and incredible transformation in strength & technique
Dina – Had great energy & commitment throughout the entire Challenge

Bathurst Street
Magdalena – 1st place
Amy – 2nd place
Stephanie – 3rd place