Studio Pilates At Home: 30 Day Home Workout Program (30 March-28 April)


*price in Australian dollars (AUD)

Introducing “Studio Pilates At Home,” our 30 day home workout program. Receive an online workout every single day to keep you strong, sane and sculpted during these complicated times. Become better every day, surpass your goals and become #strongertogether.

Plus, 50% of all proceeds go directly to Studio Pilates owners to support your favourite studio and instructors.

✔ $8 a class
✔ 1 class a day
✔ 7 classes a week
✔ 30 days of body sculpting workouts


Registrations close: Monday 30 March
First workout released: Monday 30 March
Program ends: 28 April


NOTE: this shop is completely separate to your MindBody studio log in. As such, this shop may not recognise you as an existing customer and you may need to set up a new account to purchase this item (feel free to use the same details as your MindBody log in).


Why this program?

Unlimited motivation – delivered daily to your living room

Workout from home – practice Pilates online, anytime

Sweat with the best – our master instructors guide you through every step of your workout with challenging and fun classes designed to get results fast

Support your local studio – 50% of all “Studio Pilates At Home” proceeds go directly to your local Studio Pilates to help them stay afloat during these challenging times

Reduce stress, increase well being –  challenging day? Take a breath and focus on you for the next 40 minutes



Do I need to be very strong or flexible to perform the workouts?

Absolutely not! Each program has been designed by physiotherapists and you will be given multiple options or levels for every exercise. These are programs are for every body, no matter your age, strength or flexibility.

When will I receive access to the videos? 

After sign up, you receive immediate early access to the first workout.

Can I use studio credit to purchase “Studio Pilates At Home?”

Unfortunately, you are unable to use your current pack credit towards the Studio Pilates At Home workouts. The good news is that we are extending all class packages for the total length of time that we will be closed and we have already added an extension of one month to your package, so those classes will be waiting for you to use when we’re given the green light to reopen.

Do I need equipment for the workouts?

No! All of the workouts are matwork based. If you have a Pilates or yoga mat at home, this will make your workouts more comfortable, but you can also use a beach towel on the floor in lieu of a mat. Some programs may incorporate resistance bands, hand weights or fitness sliders, but you will always be given modifications if you do not have this equipment at home (it is not mandatory). You can also purchase resistance bands here!

How many classes do I receive a week?

You receive 7 workouts a week, delivered daily! For 30 days.

How long is each workout?

The workouts vary in duration from 30-45 minutes.

Can I rewatch the workouts or come back to them at a later point?

Yes! You can watch the workouts whenever it suits you best. You can begin the workouts and resume them at a later point.

Do I have to perform the workouts at a set time each day?

No! The next day’s class will be available the evening before. You can access the day’s workout at any time that suits you. You can also go back and rewatch your favourite workouts from previous days.

Is there a focus to each workout, or are they full body workouts?

The workouts are similar to your regular Studio Pilates reformer classes in that some programs may focus more on certain areas of the body (ie. arms and thighs), but they will always be full body workouts.

Can I view the next day’s workout in advance? 

You receive a new workout every day (just like when you attend your Studio Pilates classes in studio). You will be able to continue viewing programs from previous days, but you will not be able to view future workouts until they launch.

Do I receive ongoing access to the videos after 30 days?

You receive access to the workouts for the duration of the program (30 days from the 30 March 2020).

Can I sign up after the registration closes?

Yes, you can sign up and purchase Studio Pilates At Home after Monday 30 March. You will still be able to access all of the previous days’ workouts. It will just mean that you have a reduced amount of time to access the workouts overall (as the program only goes for 30 days and ends on 28 April).

Can I download the workouts?

Unfortunately you are not able to download the workouts as they are designed to be streamed. As such, you will need an internet connection to watch the workouts.

I’m having difficulty purchasing this item

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  2. Add the program to your cart
  3. Select “View Cart”
  4. Then select “Proceed to Checkout”
  5. You may see a banner saying “Returning customer? Click here to log in.” Ignore this. This system is different to your regular MindBody studio log in. Unless you have purchased product through our online shop before, it will not recognise you as a returning customer. So just ignore this and…
  6. Enter your Billing Details and payment details
  7. Hit “Place Order” and your card will be charged
  8. You are now registered and will receive an email confirmation. You will receive a password via email too with the direct link to log in.  The first video is up already so you can hop online and get started straight away!




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