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Who Can Become a Pilates Instructor?

Anyone can become a Pilates instructor regardless of background or previous experience. There are some courses out there where you need to have certain health or fitness qualifications to enrol (such as be a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist), however this is not a majority of courses.

Most courses allow everyone to enrol regardless of background. If you are new to the health or fitness industry, just make sure that your Pilates training covers a comprehensive Anatomy component as having a solid understanding of the body’s biomechanics is really important when it comes to working as a Pilates instructor!

Many people thinking about becoming a Pilates instructor often worry that they don’t look the part. Some people may have only done Pilates classes with young, fit instructors and worry if they are flexible enough, fit enough or young enough to become an instructor. Please do not worry about this at all! These things have nothing to do with your ability to become a great Pilates instructor! Each Pilates instructor is different and brings something unique to their classes.

While anyone can become a Pilates instructor, we have observed some common traits in people who go on to become GREAT instructors!




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