Interview with US Model Brittni Tucker

Models have discovered the benefits of reformer Pilates. Why? The pursuit of fitness, not thinness.

Strength and athleticism are now necessary attributes, meaning the workout routines of models closely resemble those of elite athletes.

Reformer Pilates has the unique ability to lengthen, strengthen and tone the entire body through short, intense workouts.

We spoke to US model Brittni Tucker @brittnitucker about why reformer Pilates is her workout of choice and what a healthy lifestyle means to her.

Why Pilates? What does it do for you that other forms of exercise can’t?

I love Pilates because it helps to focus on the small muscles that are so easy to forget and it really stretches and elongates my muscles.

What’s been the most surprising thing about doing Pilates workouts?

How much I focus on my core. Whether it’s reformer or mat, I learn that my core is one of my key muscles in doing the majority of exercises.

What other workouts do you do to complement your reformer Pilates classes?

do boxing, some weight and resistance training and the occasional running [session].

How do you use Pilates to prepare for your modelling work?

I do it to help tone my body and prevent it from injury. Pilates is a great workout in the way that it helps prepare my muscles for all the workouts I do along with toning the muscles that can easily be forgotten on a day to day basis.

How would you describe yourself?

I am probably one of the most easy going, loving people, as long as you don’t catch me when I’m hangry.

What’s your #1 health or wellness tip?

The majority of the work comes from the kitchen. As much as I love being active and working out, I never feel 100% unless my diet reflects that. Eating whole foods and limiting bad foods and limiting bad foods such as processed sugar, alcohol and white grains is the best way to feel physically and mentally at my peak at all times.

Image Credit: Instagram @brittnitucker.