Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our November 2020 30 Day Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to clients across all our studios who participated in the November 2020 30 Day Challenge. This Challenge was one of our largest to date – with a combined 21,000 classes taken by Challengers across the month.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the amazing mental and physical results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


Laree D & Tracey A – Both these clients were able to attend every thanks to their positive attitudes and dedication.


Lori H – Mental Determination + Raving Fan Award. Lori has done 7 classes every week since October!
Meghan M – Increased Strength. Meghan is already super fit, but Pilates has helped to increase her mind/body connection.
Maggie S – Mental Determination. Maggie discovered she CAN work out 5 days a week during the Challenge! SP is the very first fitness studio she has ever been able to truly commit to.
Jaime W – Raving Fan. Jamie loves SP and we love her! She is an amazing client who supports the studio greatly by connecting with the instructors on a personal level while also sharing her SP journey on social media.
Louisa L – Increased Strength. Louisa mental determination allowed her to go from 1 class to 5 classes a week during the Challenge.


Debbie T – Most centimetres lost
Roma K – Largest weight loss percentage
Terri G – Dedication award


Earle T –
Most Improved. Our most improved Pilates Superstar. Earle did his Orientation Class 6 days before the challenge started and straight after his orientation signed up for our November 30 Day Challenge. Not only has Earle seen a huge improvement, but we as instructors have also been blown away at how over 30 days Earle has shown such growth and determination. Other clients have loved having Earle in their 8:15 am classes as he is such a joy!
Liz C – Total Transformation. Liz has had a complete body and mind transformation during the 30 Day Challenge. She was already gorgeous before she started but we are beyond proud of where she is at post the 30 Day Challenge. We have witnessed her physical change and mental change, especially as she is a mother and is always put the kids before herself. She decided it was time to do something for her and she found it here with us at SP Buddina. We couldn’t be more grateful to have been Liz’s cheer squad through her transformation.
Tracey S – SP Superstar. Tracey was nominated by our instructors as our Buddina superstar, smashing out the 28 day Challenge and doing more doubles than a Hell Week to get her classes done. Tracey lost 2.4 kilos & 9.5 centimetres off her waist. She is determined, driven and a real pleasure to instruct! Congrats Tracey, we are so proud!


Geoff M – Lost an incredible 4kg during the Challenge. Most importantly, Geoff has seen his visceral fat levels decrease. Well done, Geoff!


Natalie C
Tennille S
Marianne L
Toni H


Karen C – Lost an amazing 7.7kg!
Kate D –
Instructors Choice
Isabella J –
Best overall change through body scan


Nikki M – Lost 5.2kg
Alvaro R – 12cm lost in total 
Naomi D –
Instructors choice


Magdalena P – 1st place. Magdalena set herself a goal to do the 28 class Challenge as quickly as possible and did so in an incredible 12 days! SP is her second home and we absolutely adore Magdalena, especially as she is an amazing nurse who works 12-hour shifts and still makes time to get her workouts in. So well deserved! Congratulations from the SP Bathurst St team.
Lee J & Su T – 2nd place.
Deepa I & Amy M – 3rd place


Karen B – Best overall body scan change
Rebecca G – Greatest change in overall measurements

“I am 7 weeks into my Studio Pilates journey and loving it. I took the opportunity of the November 30DC to really get into the workouts. The changes are noticeable already – my body shape, flexibility, strength and tone.  The amazing crew at Springfield ensure your form and positioning is correct to keep your body safe and is maximising your workout.  The advertising is right – you do become addicted!” Karen B

“I have just finished the 30 Day Challenge and the physical results have been amazing, however it is the mental results that have impressed me the most. I was instantly blown away by the caring and supportive instructors, I was not confident to start as I had just recovered from an umbilical hernia repair, but the expert staff adjusted my workouts until I was eventually strong enough and confident enough to train like a pro! The definition in my muscles and the 10 centre metres lost in 4 weeks reinforced I was in the right place to create a happier and healthier me. Thank you Studio Pilates Springfield!” Rebecca G


Jacqueline – Power Award 
Claire – Progress Award 
Kelly & Mez –
Passion Award


Danielle M – Greatest change in BF% (14.1% decrease in body fat)
Peita M – Most cm lost (14.2cm total)
Holly B –
Excellence Award. Holly attended class everyday throughout the challenge (30 in total).


Sally W – Sally had the goal of completing 30 workouts in 30 days. She was hit with some health obstacles during the Challenge but was still determined to achieve her goal. TWICE she she did an incredible FOUR workouts in ONE day! Although she finished just short of her goal at an impressive 29 workouts in 30 days, she is certainly a deserved winner of the November 30 Day Challenge at SP Palm Bach.


Katy L – Best Bodyscan. Katy lost 3.5% body fat and 3.7kgs over the challenge. She committed not only to her training in-studio but also to nutrition. She showed amazing commitment and would challenge herself in every class.
Sarah W –
Best Body Measurement. Sarah lost 3.9kgs over the challenge and 8.5cm off her waist and 6cm off her hips and 3cm from her thighs, an amazing result! She stayed motivated throughout the challenge and show true dedication to improving her technique.
Paulo C – Instructors Choice. Throughout the challenge Paulo showed dedication and commitment to his classes and did so with a smile on his face. He showed amazing progress with his technique and would always give 100%.
Meegan L – True Grit Award


Nicky H – Biggest transformation (greatest overall weight and cm lost)
Essabelle K –
Most centimetres lost
Marsha B –
Dedication and Determination Award


Sara B – 1st place
Ingrid H –
2nd place
Grace H –
3rd place


Lisa R – 1st place
Courtney S –
2nd place
Amesha N –
3rd place


Jennifer M – Overall winner


F Thanou – Winner: Body fat loss. 4.4% body fat loss (4.3kg)
L Sangster – Winner: Muscle gain. 1.9kg (6.04%)
E Macmahon –
Winner: Greatest body score change (+3 points)
Anna Hughes –
Instructors Choice Award


Karine D – Winner: Body fat loss – 3.4% body fat loss (2.6kg)
Alicia S –
Winner: Muscle gain – 1.6kg (3.91%)
Giulia R – Winner –
Winner: Greatest body score change (+4 points)
Kirsten D –
Instructors Choice Award