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9 Young Street Adelaide City SA 5000
Phone: 08 8231 4995
Email: adelaidecity@studiopilates.com

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Adelaide City Studio

Studio Highlights

Studio Pilates Adelaide City delivers an exhilarating workout experience to residents in this central location. Join us in our intimate class space for an unrivaled workout experience.

Discover your new fitness obsession with high energy, inspiring classes, uplifting music and a luxe workout space. Get set for fast paced, intense, 40 minute classes that deliver incredible total body sculpting workouts to challenge you mentally and physically. Every. Single. Time.

Innovative video technology and world class instructors focus on perfecting your technique. The science of sequencing plus ever-changing workouts keep your body guessing and give you the results you want. Fast.

The best part: We do it together.

It’s everything you want in a workout. And nothing you’d expect.


“Slick setup with video-led workouts supported by well trained instructors supplying individual instruction all on modern high quality reformer beds.” – Bryn L. 

“Incredibly challenging, but so much more rewarding than any other gym, yoga studio or training regime I’ve been a part of. It’s hard (and I love a physical challenge) but it doesn’t ruin my body for the rest of the day, and it was a surprising challenge for my mind.” – Glam Magazine

“Love it!!! The studio, the workouts, the staff 10/10!!! Challenging workouts and amazing results.” – Sonja R

59+ Classes each week

High energy, intense total body sculpting workouts.

World class instructors

Motivational. Inspirational. You’re in expert hands.

You're our total focus

Individual attention with the uplifting vibe of a group class.

Your space to escape

Feel Strong. Energised. Empowered. Unstoppable.