It’s the little moments that make life big

The We Eat, They Eat program has been designed to bring a little joy into someone’s day.

For every 20 Studio Pilates x nourish’d home-delivered meals our community eats for themselves, a fresh, nutritious and delicious meal will be delivered to someone who needs a helping hand – a friend, a neighbour, a local charity.

Our goal is to deliver 100,000 meals by 2022 to individuals, families or community groups who could do with some help getting food on the table. 

We Eat, They Eat – Studio Pilates x nourish’d

Happiness is real when shared

We invite you to be part of this great cause too.

Every order of Studio Pilates x nourish’d home-delivered meals will go towards helping someone else.

And you get to help us decide who – because we’re opening the doors to our community to pass on the good vibes, and nominate someone you know in your community who could do with a little raising up.

So our journey to make a difference can become part of your story too.



There’s always a place at our table

The We Eat, They Eat program was created by Jade Winter, Studio Pilates Co-Founder and Global CEO.

Growing up in a poor neighbourhood, Jade saw his single mum – and other families – struggle each day to put food on the table. This memory stayed with Jade and, in 2019 when Studio Pilates began delivering chef-prepared meals direct to the doors of our clients, Jade saw an opportunity to give others a helping hand. 

With the strength of the Studio Pilates community behind him, and a firm vision for the future, the  We Eat, They Eat concept was born.

Together, with our friends at nourish’d, the leading providers of healthy, fresh, home-delivered meals, we’re humbled to be delivering on our commitment to making a difference to others’ lives.

Here’s How It Works

Order your delicious home-delivered meals, just the way you like them.

When you receive your meal package, jump online and nominate someone you know who could do with a helping hand.

Each month, we’ll choose a few individuals or families we can help out. The more meals our community orders, the more we’re able to help others.

The meals will be delivered as a gift from someone who cares.  We’ll let you know when it’s arriving so you can phone ahead and let your nominee know that a surprise package is on its way.


Order Chef Prepared Meals

Order your delicious, nutritious, preservative-free meals from nourish’d

Delivered to your Door

The meals are delivered straight to your door, ready for you to enjoy!

Nominate Someone in Need

Click “Nominate” to send a meal or two to someone in need.

We Eat, They Eat Initiative

Help us deliver 100,000 meals by 2022.

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