AMPLIFY 6 WEEK CHALLENGE – Next challenge starts 5 June!

Amplify your fitness in 6 weeks with Studio Pilates

In 2 weeks you’ll feel it. In 4 weeks you’ll see it. And in 6 weeks you’ll hear it. 

Transform your body inside and out with the Studio Pilates Amplify Challenge. In 6 weeks, Studio Pilates will help equip you with all of the tools you need to create healthy habits that will last long after the challenge is finished. From meal plans and nutrition tips right through to motivation hacks and progress trackers, the Amplify challenge has everything you need to not only achieve, but exceed your goals. 

Shape and Sculpt Your Body

We get what we achieve consistently, not occasionally, so committing to a minimum number of classes each week will give you the best results. The low impact, high intensity workouts are designed to help you develop long lean muscles, improve posture and flexibility, increase strength and lean muscle mass and tighten and tone your core. Pending on how many classes you want to commit yourself to doing each week, 36, 30 and 24 class packs are available. 

Nourish Your Body From The Inside Out

Just like sourdough and smashed avocado, exercise and good nutrition go hand in hand. As part of the challenge, you will receive exclusive access to a delicious and nutritious 6 week meal plan designed by a qualified nutritionist, with an emphasis on adequate protein intake. Proving that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and all about bland chicken and broccoli, this meal plan will teach you the fundamentals of good nutrition and include recipes you will love long after the challenge is finished. 

Exclusive Partner Offers & Discounts

To help keep you motivated and inspired along the way, we’ve teamed up with a host of amazing challenge partners who are offering exclusive offers and discounts to all Amplify participants including health and wellness supplements and products, luxurious beauty products and more! Keep an eye out for weekly promo codes and offer highlights, along with the meal plans, in your inbox every Friday throughout the challenge.

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