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Our Story

From humble beginnings as high school sweethearts, Jade and Tanya Winter embarked on a journey that's led to the establishment of an international brand opening over 100 studios worldwide. This is our story...



We live and breathe what we do, so you get what you came for. We are the OG (Original Game-Changers), because we value the importance of what we do just as much as we value what we leave out.

We prioritize correct form over reps, safety over fancy Instagram moves, and quality reformers over multiple equipment.

With a series of science-based exercises designed by our in-house Physiotherapists, our clients can enjoy safe and engaging reformer Pilates through any phase of their life.

Our Journey


Take a trip down memory lane with us and see how Studio Pilates became the number one global Pilates community.

World Swimming Championships & Physiotherapy Degree


Jade was a member of the 1996 Australian Olympic Swim Team and competed in the 1999 FINA World Swimming Championships, while Tanya graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1999.

Studio Pilates Established


From humble beginnings in a gym basement in Brisbane, Australia, Jade and Tanya founded Studio Pilates with a cash advance on a credit card to pay for reformers. Driven by their shared passion for health and fitness, they built the company on perseverance and an unwavering commitment to delivering safe, results-driven Pilates workouts.

Instructor Certification Launched


We launched Studio Pilates Instructor Certification, becoming the global leader in practical Pilates education and training world-class instructors who are empowered with extensive knowledge, comprehensive instructing skills and the confidence to change lives. We're proud to offer physiotherapy-based training which teaches more exercises and more practical, skills-based content than other Pilates education providers.

At-Home DVDs Launched


We diversified our offerings by releasing a range of at-home workout DVDs, extending our reach beyond the Studio Pilates studio space.

Studio Pilates Moved To Flagship Location (Hawthorne) & SPTV Introduced


We achieved a significant milestone relocating our permanent flagship studio in Hawthorne, Brisbane, Australia, where our Global Support Office is still located today!

In the same year, we pioneered the use of audio-visual technology within the Pilates space by displaying the workouts on TV screens. This allowed our instructors to focus on correcting the form of clients rather than demonstrating the exercises themselves, revolutionizing the client experience.

First Franchise Agreement Signed & Online Booking App Launched


With the signing of the first-ever Studio Pilates franchise agreement, we embarked on our journey of expansion and accessibility. The same year, we launched our online booking app to streamline the booking process for clients, enhancing convenience.

First Franchise Opened & Platinum Instructor Course Introduced


We proudly opened our first Studio Pilates franchise studio in Hamilton, Brisbane, marking a new chapter in growth.

With this, we introduced a brand new course called our Platinum Instructing Course which is designed to train instructors to work in our specific franchised studios. This comprehensive training ensures that instructors remain at the forefront of industry lead training standards, expertise and that there is consistence across the network.

First International Studio Opened (Takapuna, NZ) & First Studio Opened In China


Venturing beyond Australian shores, Studio Pilates went global with the opening of our first international studio in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. This marked the beginning of our global expansion, with our entrance into China later that same year.

First Studio Opened In The USA & Instructor Training Available Online


We opened the first Studio Pilates location in the United States, debuting in Norton Commons, Louisville, Kentucky.

Adapting to the digital age, we made our Studio Pilates instructor training available online via Zoom, giving access to our renowned courses on a global scale.

First Studio Opened In The UK


Continuing our global journey, Studio Pilates made its mark in the United Kingdom with the opening of our first studio in Exeter, Devon, England, further solidifying our position as a leader in the fitness industry worldwide.

100th Studio Opened


Celebrating a landmark achievement, we welcomed our 100th Studio Pilates, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA. This milestone is a testament to the dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence that defines Studio Pilates International.

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