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Pilates Classes Brisbane City

pilates classes brisbane city

In Brisbane city, Pilates is quickly gaining popularity with the presence of Studio Pilates International in this key Brisbane location. Extensive timetables allow clients to access reformer Pilates classes in Brisbane city from the early hours of the morning, throughout the day and into the evening, every day of the week. 

At Studio Pilates Brisbane City, we live and breathe what we do, so you get what you came for. This is results-driven, tried-and-tested exercise science at its best. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get your body into great shape for the things you need it to do. Studio Pilates sets itself apart with the use of innovative technology, specifically trained instructors, next level workouts,  inspiring music and a luxe workout space. 

We believe that Pilates classes are for everybody, meaning they can help elite athletes improve their performance, assist people with injuries to reduce their pain and increase their strength and give new mums the opportunity to return to exercise in a safe, controlled manner. Our studio in Brisbane city has 14 reformers and we use our unique SPTV system to demonstrate the exercises so that our instructors’ can focus on you, making a small group class feel like a 1:1 session.

When you start reformer Pilates classes at Newmarket, you’ll be joining the Studio Pilates community. This means you’ll find a new group of people, both inside and outside of your studio, who are committed to health, wellness and supporting one another. You can find our social community on Facebook @studiopilates and Instagram @studio_pilates. We also have a blog with a wealth of information and advice, including delicious recipes.

 Looking for the best Pilates reformer classes in Newmarket, Auckland? You can get started with 6 Pilates classes for just $60!*

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