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Studio Pilates Hawthorne


Looking for the best Pilates reformer classes in Brisbane?  It’s definitely worth checking out Studio Pilates International in Hawthorne,  in Brisbane’s southside [refer website for locations].

Studio Pilates Hawthorne is a state-of-the-art, scientifically-based way of transforming your entire body in the quickest time possible. Forty minute Pilates reformer classes are fast-paced and intense, delivering incredible total body sculpting workouts to challenge clients both mentally and physically.



Studio Pilates Hawthorne sets itself apart with the use of innovative technology, world class instructors, next level workouts, inspiring music and a luxe workout space.

Looking for the best Pilates reformer classes in Brisbane? Get started at Studio Pilates Hawthorne with 6 classes for $60*.

Visit for timetables, bookings and more information.

Or contact Studio Pilates Hawthorne directly to book your first Pilates class on 0481 874 555. 

Pilates Brisbane Hawthorne – Studio Locations

Studio Pilates Hawthorne

246 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne QLD 4171

P: 0481 874 555