Becoming a Studio Pilates® Instructor and why choose our courses?

Practical and Hands on Course Work

The Studio Pilates® instructor courses are both practical and hands on. You will experience a great deal of practice teaching the exercises both one on one and in a class setting. This practical training makes you a more confident instructor at the end of the day.

Physiotherapy Based Learning

Many Pilates instructor courses do not go through the specific rehabilitation exercises. Our courses cover injury management and rehabilitation in detail. Our courses have been created by physiotherapists and are physio based, but with the traditional Pilates exercises. As a result, you learn the modern science behind the traditional exercises.

The Studio Pilates® Cueing Formula

The hardest thing about becoming an instructor is not learning the exercises, but learning how to teach them. Our courses focus on ensuring you are confident to instruct each exercise we focus on teaching your how to teach! We have developed our own cueing formula to help you to teach the exercises effectively and clearly.

Interactive Learning Environment

In your course, you will be able to ask as many questions as you like. The format is interactive, rather than a lecture. The course combines formal learning but it is delivered in an informal manner. Our courses have a great group format and dynamic both the instructor trainers and course participants are there to help each other and learn.

Our courses are not just about the exercises, they also deal with the body posture, core stability, correct activation of core muscles based on the latest research, pregnancy, sample programs that you can use, injury management and programming.

Earn Continuing Education Points

Many of the Studio Pilates® courses are accredited with American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Fitness Australia and many more which means that you can work overseas and also earn continuing education points while you study!

Online Training Centre

With many of our courses, you receive access to our Online Training Centre. This contains videos on the entire course content so you can learn it before you come along to the course. This means that when you attend the course, you can focus more on how to instruct well rather experiencing all the exercises for the first time. You can also use the online training centre for your ongoing study - maximising you learning before and after the course!

No Logging of Practical Instruction Hours

The Studio Pilates® courses do not require you to log any practical instruction hours. Everything you need to learn will be taught through the online training centre and during your course.

Modular Courses

Our courses are Modular, which means that you can just do the Matwork course if you like. You are not locked in to doing a package of courses. This means that you can teach the exercises that you have learnt straight away after you finish the course.

Stress Free Examination

The examination process is easy and not stressful or scary. We ensure you have all the knowledge to complete your examination before you take it.

Ongoing Career Opportunities and Support

We offer ongoing support to all of our instructors. We also provide job support through advertising job vacancies and sending out job alerts. We also offer an Enhanced Instructing Program, that can give you ongoing support with sample class programs, masterclasses and professional development videos.