Studio Pilates Franchising

Why so many of our franchisees started as clients

The best place to start when choosing a franchise is to follow your passion and invest in a brand that you admire.

Starting your own business requires effort and dedication, so you’re more likely to be successful if your venture is something that you enjoy being involved with on a day to day basis.

That’s why we’re proud to say that 95% of our Franchisees started as clients – they felt so committed to the Studio Pilates fitness offer that they chose to join the family. As compliments go, you can’t get much better than that!

To find out more about their stories take a look at a selection of franchisee interviews and videos

But here are just some of the reasons why they gave us their vote of confidence:

  1. Super effective workouts – They say that our workouts are unique,  high intensity yet low impact and clearly demonstrated on screen, while super friendly instructors are right there to help you perfect each move.  
  2. Stand out Instructors – Our instructors are our secret sauce.  Every one of them has completed the advanced Studio Pilates Platinum Instructor Course, and their informed approach means no client misses out if they can’t perform an exercise or have an injury that restricts their movement. 
  3. Incredible support & systems – Our systems have been born from the hands-on experience of our founders Jade and Tanya, who still own and operate the original Studio Pilates location in Brisbane, Australia, while leading the business. They have created an incredible support network that provides the framework for every franchisee to operate a highly successful business in their local neighbourhood.  
  4. Low entry cost and high returns possible – We keep costs as low as possible to set up, meaning that  the payback period for a new franchise can be surprisingly short. And the returns that our Studio Pilates franchisees can earn are very impressive. 
  5. A proven formula – Studio Pilates has a twenty year track record of bringing high quality, safe, effective and inspiring Pilates reformer workouts to neighbourhoods. We are using this experience to change the way the world works out, one community at a time. 

You can read more about becoming a Studio Pilates business owner here.

If you’d like to exponentially increase your chances of success and plug into a tried and tested business system, visit our franchise website to learn how Studio Pilates International supports you and gives you the entire playbook on opening a Pilates studio of your own.