7 May 2024
Studio Pilates

Celebrating 100 Studios: Studio Pilates International Continues to Shape the Future of Fitness

Studio Pilates International – the Australian-born fitness phenomenon – reached an extraordinary milestone on Saturday April 27, 2024, with our 100th studio worldwide opening. This momentous occasion, marked by the unveiling of our new studio in the heart of Chanhassen, Minnesota, underscores Studio Pilates’s position as a global fitness leader. To honour the occasion, Jade Winter, Co-Founder of Studio Pilates International, led an exclusive pre-launch class at the Chanhassen studio – followed, of course, by celebratory cake and celebrations in studio. Tammy Birlew, franchisee of Studio Pilates in Chanhassen, encapsulates the excitement surrounding our expansion, stating, "Introducing this brand to Minnesota has been so inspiring. Our community in Chanhassen has been so welcoming, and I am thrilled with the response and excitement we have received after our opening weekend." While the 100th studio opening weekend was a tremendous success that we'll never forget – this isn't the end of the achievements in store for Studio Pilates. Because we're not stopping at 100 – we've got 55 more studios coming soon. Growing from humble roots to becoming a global fitness authority!  Founded in 2002 by high school sweethearts Jade and Tanya Winter, Studio Pilates was born out of a passion for fitness and wellness. Jade, a former Australian Olympic swimmer, and Tanya, a physiotherapist, combined their expertise to fill a critical void in the group fitness landscape. Nurtured by determination, Studio Pilates has flourished into a dominant force, expanding our operational studios across five continents – from the sunny shores of Australia to the bustling streets of Brooklyn and even across the pond to the UK and beyond. And guess what's next? Canada is about to feel the burn from our Pilates magic, too – stay tuned! Reflecting on this achievement, Jade shared, "From humble beginnings to our 100th studio opening, this significant milestone is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion." This sentiment echoes the journey of Studio Pilates, which has seen remarkable growth, boasting a staggering 24% Year-Over-Year Revenue increase from 2022-2023. What makes Studio Pilates International so powerful?  As all our incredible clients experience every day, we set ourselves apart by offering a unique low-impact yet high-intensity take on the reformer Pilates workout. With a focus on safety, efficacy, and inclusivity, their 40-minute group classes cater to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Each exercise is meticulously designed to promote toning, flexibility, and empowerment, ensuring every client emerges feeling rejuvenated and stronger. Studio Pilates’s commitment to innovation extends beyond our workout sessions. Luxurious studio settings adorned with custom reformers, polished hardwood floors, and cutting-edge AV technology create an immersive environment conducive to personal growth and well-being. Our world-calls instructors also provide personalised attention, maximising results within a vibrant group setting. Are you ready to create your own Pilates success story? We encourage enthusiasts to join the ongoing celebrations and become part of this remarkable success story. Whether it's simply by experiencing the transformative power of Pilates to achieve your health and well-being goals or exploring franchise opportunities to build the business of your dreams – we welcome everyone to join our journey towards a healthier, happier world. Studio Pilates’s expansion into new markets, including Canada, by mid-2024 demonstrates our dedication to spreading the benefits of Pilates worldwide. We're excited to continue to invite people to join our global movement – with endless opportunities available across the globe! As we continue to shape the future of fitness, the opening of our 100th studio serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and community. Our franchise team is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions. Book a call to start the conversation about creating your milestone moment by bringing Studio Pilates to your community.   BOOK A CALL You can also email or call one of our friendly and helpful team: AUS, NZ, Canada, Europe: John L. Scott - joinus@studiopilates.com or call +61 43 117 8272 USA: January Swiderski - usajoinus@studiopilates.com or call 09173103883 UK: Alison Day - ukjoinus@studiopilates.com or call 02032891442.  
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