10 July 2024
Studio Pilates

The Universally Accessible Reformer Pilates Class


At Studio Pilates International, we believe that you deserve a workout tailored to your needs, regardless of your fitness level. That’s why we’ve created universally accessible Reformer Pilates classes designed to cater to everyone, from beginners to professional athletes. Our inclusive approach ensures that every client experiences the signature Studio Pilates muscle burn in a welcoming and supportive environment.


Adaptable Workouts for Every Level

Our Reformer Pilates classes are designed to be adaptable for everyone. If you are just starting your Pilates journey, each exercise can be modified to suit your needs, and if you’re a Pilates Pro you can progress to push your limits. This flexibility allows you to work at your own pace and capability, ensuring you get a personalized and effective workout.


Thoughtful Exercise Selection

What sets our classes apart is not just what we include, but what we choose to leave out. Our carefully curated exercises prioritize correct form over reps, and safety over fancy Instagram moves. By focusing on what works best for everyone, we create a class environment that is challenging yet achievable, without overwhelming anyone.


Inclusive and Convenient Class Formats

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to our class schedules. Unlike other fitness studios that offer tiered classes based on difficulty, our universally accessible format means you can join any class at any time. This eliminates the frustration of having to fit your schedule around specific class levels, ensuring you get the workout you want when you want it.


Prioritizing Safety and Progression

Safety is our top priority at Studio Pilates. Our adaptable exercises ensure that you can join any class as a beginner with confidence, and participate fully without the risk of overexertion. At the same time, you can challenge yourself as an advanced client to achieve your fitness goals within the same class structure. This approach allows you to progress at your own pace, in a safe and supportive environment.


Clear Pathways to Improvement

Progressing through different fitness levels shouldn't be a mystery. At Studio Pilates, we provide a clear and adaptable structure that allows you to advance naturally and comfortably. This transparency helps keep you motivated and on track with your fitness journey.


Building a Supportive Community

Our Pilates classes, loved by thousands around the globe, foster a sense of community and inclusivity. By working out together, you can support other clients with their fitness journey, and support each other along the way. This communal spirit enhances your individual experience and strengthens the overall community within our studios.


Join the Studio Pilates Experience

At Studio Pilates International, we're dedicated to providing an inclusive and adaptable fitness experience for everyone. Join us and discover our universally accessible class format, where you can find your place, feel supported, and achieve your fitness goals. Together, we create a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and fosters success for all.

To experience our Reformer Pilates workouts for yourself, find your local studio at studiopilates.com/find-a-studio/

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