1 March 2024
Studio Pilates

Pilates Revolution Hits London! Successful Studio Grand Opening

After months of anticipation, we’ve officially opened our doors to the public in Putney, delivering a fitness revolution that promises to redefine the workout experience.


The opening of our globally-loved Reformer Pilates studio in South-West London kicked off on 24 February. With the electric energy characteristic of the Studio Pilates brand, the launch event captivated attendees, offering a glimpse into the transformative 40-minute workouts and luxurious studio ambiance awaiting members.


Franchisee Rachel Franklin, a former accountant with a deep passion for health and wellbeing, shared her journey to becoming a part of the Studio Pilates family.


Rachel said: “I’m so excited to be able to bring my passion for Pilates to Putney. From the moment we opened our doors, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.


"It's clear that our unique approach to fitness resonates with people of all ages and fitness levels, and I am honoured to be part of a brand that is making such a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals worldwide."


Rachel, originally from Kent and now residing in Battersea, found herself drawn to Pilates after struggling with lower back pain. Her experience with Pilates in Dubai ignited her passion for the practice, leading her to explore opportunities in the field upon her return to London.


Despite not having prior experience working in the fitness industry, Rachel embraced the challenge of becoming a franchisee with Studio Pilates International, driven by the support and guidance provided by the global support office. 


Rachel continued: "I always felt a longing for more value in my career. Studio Pilates offered me not only the opportunity to pursue my passion for health and wellbeing but also the support and resources needed to turn my dream of owning a Pilates studio into reality."

The launch event was a testament to the immense demand for Studio Pilates in the UK, with over 2,000 eager sign-ups awaiting their chance to experience the innovative workouts firsthand.


Attendees were treated to introductory sessions led by Studio Pilates CEO and co-founder, Jade Winter, who emphasised the workout's effectiveness in fitting seamlessly into hectic schedules while promoting overall wellbeing.


Hailed as a pioneering force in the fitness industry, Studio Pilates is poised to make significant strides in the UK market over the next five years, with projections indicating over 8 million client visits and an impressive revenue exceeding £200 million for UK franchisees.


Jade said: "Studio Pilates isn't just about physical transformation; it's about mental and emotional wellbeing too. The moment you step into our studio, you're greeted with positivity, encouragement, and a sense of belonging."


The success of the Putney studio launch underscores Studio Pilates International's commitment to expanding our presence across the UK fitness scene. With plans to open over 300 studios in the next decade, Studio Pilates offers franchise opportunities for individuals seeking to make a difference in their communities while achieving financial success.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, visit https://www.studiopilatesfranchise.com.

You can also email or call one of our friendly and helpful team:

AUS, NZ, Canada, Europe: John L. Scott - joinus@studiopilates.com or call +61 43 117 8272

USA: January Swiderski - usajoinus@studiopilates.com or call 09173103883

UK: Alison Day - ukjoinus@studiopilates.com or call 02032891442.

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