13 June 2024
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Why The Right Pilates Franchise Model Matters

Imagine owning a franchise where you get direct access to the masterminds behind its success.

With Studio Pilates International, you’re not just investing in a business—you’re partnering with the creators themselves. Our ‘direct franchising’ model eliminates the middleman of other common models like ‘master franchising’, providing you with exceptional support and insider expertise every step of the way.

Here’s why this unique approach makes Studio Pilates the ultimate choice for prospective franchisees and how it sets you up for success.

What is Direct Franchising vs. Master Franchising?

Before diving into the benefits of our direct franchising model, let's clarify the difference between direct and master franchising.

  •   Direct Franchising: In this model, you, the franchisee, work directly with the franchisor. This means you get your training, support, and guidance straight from the people who created and know the brand inside out. There is no middleman, ensuring a direct line of communication and consistent quality across all franchises.
  •   Master Franchising: This model involves a master franchisee who buys the rights to develop a particular region or country. The master franchisee then sells sub-franchises within that territory. While this can help expand the brand quickly, it often leads to diluted support and communication, as the master franchisee becomes an intermediary between the franchisor and the individual franchisees.

The Power of Direct Franchising

Imagine having a direct line to the masterminds behind a global fitness sensation. That’s exactly what you get with Studio Pilates. By choosing our direct franchising model, you eliminate the middleman and work directly with the creators and core team of Studio Pilates. This means you receive unparalleled expertise, guidance, and support straight from the source.

Jade and Tanya Winter, the founders of Studio Pilates, bring over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. This wealth of knowledge and a proven track record provide you with a rock-solid foundation for success. When you join the Studio Pilates family, you’re not just getting a business model; you’re partnering with experts who are fully committed to your and your community’s success.

Unmatched Support and Expertise

One of the biggest advantages of direct franchising is the superior level of support you receive. At Studio Pilates, our founders and their direct team are deeply involved in every step of the franchising process. From day one, you benefit from their hands-on experience and personal dedication to your franchise.

In other franchise systems, master franchisees often act as intermediaries, which can dilute the original vision and expertise. Information and support may get lost in translation, and you might not receive the high standards of guidance that the founders intended.

With Studio Pilates, this is never an issue. Our direct franchising model ensures that every piece of advice, every training session, and every operational guideline comes straight from the original source. This guarantees consistency, quality, and a direct connection to the insights that have made Studio Pilates a global success.

A Proven Track Record

With over 100 franchises across five countries, Studio Pilates has adhered strictly to its direct franchising model. We have never appointed a master franchisor to develop an area, maintaining a direct and personal connection with each franchisee. This consistency is a cornerstone of our global success, ensuring that our high standards are upheld everywhere we operate.

Our franchisees benefit from the collective wisdom of a brand that has been refined and perfected over two decades. The direct involvement of our founders means you are always in touch with the core values and innovative strategies that have driven the Studio Pilates forward to where it is today.

Why Direct Franchising Matters

The difference between direct franchising and working with a master franchisee can be significant. Direct franchising offers:

  • Consistent Quality: You receive support and training directly from the creators, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the founders' 20+ years of expertise and proven track record.
  • Personal Commitment: Our founders and core team are personally invested in your success.
  • Global Standards: We maintain the same high standards across all franchises worldwide, thanks to our direct franchising approach.

Join the Studio Pilates Family

Choosing to franchise directly with the founders of Studio Pilates means choosing a path to success supported by the people who know the brand best. Our commitment to direct franchising ensures you receive the highest level of support, training, and guidance, all aimed at helping you build a thriving business.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

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