23 January 2018
Studio Pilates

Why Are Pilates Classes So Expensive

Why are Pilates classes so expensive?

The answer to this is best explained by first examining the two main ways you can do Pilates.

 A Pilates mat class typically features a qualified instructor in front of a class demonstrating exercises, while class participants follow by sitting, kneeling, laying or standing on a mat, usually using just their body weight as resistance. Many gyms and health clubs provide mat Pilates classes to members as part of their membership offering, or as an additional fitness offering. If not incorporated in the club membership, the price of a mat class is usually between $10-$20 per class.


Pilates can also be offered in a studio, or physiotherapy clinic, using specific Pilates equipment. In this environment, classes are typically small groups, with the instructor tailoring the exercises to suit each individual. This is like a small group training session with a specifically skilled instructor.  These classes can also be geared to an individual, especially in a rehab situation. The average cost of these classes ranges from $60 to $150 for a private one-to-one session, and between $30 and $60 for a small group class.

 A variation on studio based Pilates, rapidly gaining popularity, is a larger group class using the most versatile of all Pilates machines – the reformer. Classes range from from 10 to 20 participants, based on the number of reformer machines the facility offers, and offer an intense workout option, with large variations in the style of teaching and the exercises taught. The Studio Pilates International network, for example, has the added benefit of having the pilates workouts displayed on digital screens in the studio, so that clients have a 360 view of each exercise and, rather than the instructor being tied to demonstrating each exercise, they are able to move around the class and give individual attention to technique and intensity. With more than 150 Pilates exercises in the overall mix, each class is fresh and challenging.

Studio Pilates International specialises in affordable mid-sized group classes, using scientific principles to get optimal results in the shortest period possible. Together with its unique studio vibe, the Studio Pilates network is fast gaining cult status. While the cost of a class may be more than the local one-size-fits-all gym, the superior level of training and individual attention, plus the results-say-it-all makes it worth every cent, and then some. To learn more visit www.studiopilates.com

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