14 June 2024
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Why Don’t More Men Do Pilates?

Pilates has often been seen as a workout for women, but this perception is changing as more men recognise the benefits of jumping on the reformer.

Traditionally, many men avoided Pilates due to misconceptions and fears. But with a recent focus on top athletes embracing reformer Pilates for its strength, endurance, and mental health benefits, more men are incorporating it into their routines.

Particularly during Men's Health Week, it's crucial to highlight how reformer Pilates can enhance physical and mental well-being, reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes, and stress.

As more men break through the barriers of intimidation, misconceptions, and stereotypes, they are discovering what women and elite athletes have known for years: reformer Pilates is a game-changer!

So, let’s take a moment to bust some myths about Pilates for men and discover why more men are now turning to reformer Pilates to boost their overall health.


Barriers Worth Busting

Several factors have historically kept men from embracing reformer Pilates:

  •       Intimidation Factor: For many men, entering a Pilates studio can be intimidating. Pilates has long been associated with dancers and highly flexible people. Imagine stepping into a Pilates reformer class and seeing a middle-aged woman outperforming you. It can be a humbling experience, and ego can definitely play a part. But studio Pilates International is different – our studios don’t have mirrors, so the focus is on your workout and not on looking better than the person next to you.
  •       Misconceptions: Another significant barrier is the misconception that Pilates is all about flexibility. Many men view it as a light workout, not realising its potential for strength endurance training. Done correctly, Pilates can provide the same muscle-building benefits as lifting weights. It’s about more than just stretching; it’s about strength, control, and endurance. Our custom reformers offer a truly unique workout that can be tailored to your strength goals with a simple change of the springs.
  •       Studio Culture: Some Pilates studios have approached the workout with a choreography-heavy style, which doesn’t always resonate with men. They might feel out of place or confused. But when reformer Pilates is treated like any other form of resistance training – like at Studio Pilates – with a focus on heavy resistance, perfect form, and working to exhaustion, its effectiveness becomes clear.
  •       Gender Stereotypes: Historically, Pilates studios have been more female-focused. Women were early adopters, seeking alternatives to traditional gyms for resistance and strength training. As a result, more female instructors and studio owners emerged, reinforcing the perception that Pilates was for women. But not only was Studio Pilates International co-founded by a male elite athlete, Olympic swimmer Jade Winter, our studios are inclusive and welcome many male instructors and clients every day.


Time for Change

Fortunately, these trends are changing. More exercise-savvy men are adopting reformer Pilates, recognising its benefits for endurance, core strength, and functional fitness.

One major turning point has been seeing top-tier athletes incorporate reformer Pilates into their routines. Elite football and basketball players use reformer Pilates to keep their bodies strong and extend their careers.

This visibility has shown everyday men that reformer Pilates can give them an edge in their fitness and hobbies.


The Benefits of Pilates for Men

Pilates offers numerous physical and mental health benefits for men, like those enjoyed by women. So, let’s have a quick look at some of these.


Physical Benefits

  •       Core Strength: Reformer Pilates builds deep core strength, crucial for overall stability and power in various sports.
  •       Flexibility: Reformer Pilates improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility, essential for athletic performance.
  •       Balance and Body Awareness: Enhanced balance and proprioception lead to better coordination and efficiency in movement.
  •       Comprehensive Strength: Reformer Pilates conditions both large and small muscle groups, providing a full-body workout that enhances overall strength and functionality.


Mental Benefits

  •       Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: The focus on precise movements and controlled breathing fosters a strong mind-body connection, promoting mental clarity and reducing stress.
  •       Mental Refresh: Concentrating on Pilates movements can provide a mental break, helping to refresh and refocus the mind.


Supporting Other Sports

Reformer Pilates is an excellent cross-training tool, complementing other sports like running, football, basketball, and strength training.

It falls into the muscle endurance training category, focusing on how many times you can move a weight before exhaustion. This type of training is crucial for sports that require sustained performance.

With its emphasis on core strength, mobility, and strength through a range of motion, reformer Pilates helps athletes perform better and stay injury-free.

It’s a practical and functional addition to any training regimen, reducing the risk of both chronic overuse and acute injuries.


Mat vs. Reformer Pilates

While mat Pilates is accessible and convenient, reformer Pilates offers a more intense and versatile workout.

The reformer machine provides greater resistance options and dynamic movements, enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning.

For those serious about their fitness, a reputable reformer studio can be transformative.


How Often Should Men Practise Pilates?

The great thing about reformer Pilates is that it can be practised every day. But incorporating it 3-5 times a week can yield substantial benefits.

Consistency helps in building strength, improving flexibility, and maintaining overall physical and mental well-being.


Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Reformer Pilates is a powerful workout for men, offering unparalleled physical and mental benefits.

It’s time for more men to embrace this effective and empowering form of exercise, unlocking their full potential and enhancing their overall fitness.

Reformer Pilates is like the Swiss army knife of workouts. Doing it regularly will improve performance in any sport, making it the ultimate cross-training tool.

Pro athletes have known the benefits for decades, and now it’s becoming more mainstream with everyday fitness enthusiasts. The benefits are universal, male, or female; it makes no difference. It’s simply a winning formula.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying reformer Pilates, step into your local Studio Pilates International studio to embrace the challenge and discover how this incredible workout can transform your fitness journey.

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