4 May 2020
Studio Pilates

3 Apps to Help Increase Your Motivation

If you thought a little isolation would mean you could finally get on top of that long-awaited to-do list, but instead have found productivity and motivation is greatly lacking, and snacking is at an all-time high … you’re not alone. Luckily there are some great apps that you can use to help boost your motivation, whatever your task at hand. 1. Focus Keeper This app helps you to work with time, rather than against it by using the Pomodoro Technique. This technique breaks work into intervals to help minimise brain burnout. The app allows you to customise the length of your work intervals, as well as breaks. Traditionally, it is 25 minutes of work, with short 5 minute breaks in between. | While this technique may not be for everyone, it is great for those that find it hard to get back into a rhythm after taking a long break. 2. Forest If you’re finding it hard to ignore your phone while working from home, this is the app for you. And while an app that helps you to stay off your phone sounds counterintuitive, it is a great way to see a visual of your progress. The app has a game-like quality. You start by planting a seed in a forest and, the more you stay off your phone, the more your forest will flourish. Leave the app and your trees start to wither. It may sound like an odd concept, but there is a reason it was awarded 2018 App of the Year by the App Store. You don’t have to be working from home to reap the benefits of this app. It is a great way to cut down on screen time and increase your engagement when talking to friends and family. 3. Serene Unfortunately, this app is exclusive to Mac users, but it’s simply too good not to share. This app has many great features but one of its best is that it has the capability to block distracting websites. Say goodbye to the temptation of online shopping and YouTube watching. One of the other great things about this app is that it doesn’t overwhelm you by asking you to set a million different tasks. All it asks is that you input one main or overarching task for the day. It simplifies and declutters, and sets you up for a distraction-free day of work.
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