6 December 2023
Studio Pilates

Brisbane Lions AFLW’s Winning Combo: Pilates and Passion

Pilates has emerged as a pivotal component in the training routines of numerous athletes, renowned for its comprehensive benefits that extend beyond mere physical conditioning.

Dee Heslop, an Australian Rules Footballer for the Brisbane Lions AFLW and a Studio Pilates Pilates instructor, discovered remarkable improvements in strength and athletic performance after integrating Studio Pilates into her training. This positive experience prompted her to become a Studio Pilates Instructor. Instructing complements her athlete lifestyle, allowing her to attend morning classes and evening training sessions.

 According to Dee, “Being an athlete, I’ve noticed a big change in my performance, including the strength in smaller muscles, enhancing overall performance and preventing injuries. Studio Pilates is an amazing business with an incredible culture, making workouts enjoyable and irresistible.”

 Jade Ellenger, another standout player for the Brisbane Lions, is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of female athletes. She shares about Studio Pilates, “It’s kept me injury-free so far, and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot stronger through my trunk. So, going well.”

 In the realm of sports, injuries are inevitable, but reformer Pilates empowers athletes to build strength without compromising well-being. Its deliberate, unhurried approach enhances flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and promotes smoother transitions—crucial for peak athletic performance.

 Reformer Pilates stands out by fostering mental fortitude through focus, controlled movements, and precise postures. Athletes develop heightened concentration and environmental awareness, essential for success in a dynamic sports environment.

 Controlled breathing, often overlooked in athletics, takes centre stage in Pilates, promoting optimal oxygen intake and enhancing endurance—a crucial asset during intense physical exertion.

 Pilates emphasizes postural alignment, improving muscle tone and providing a solid foundation for balance and accurate movement execution.

 Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring athlete, Studio Pilates is a transformative game-changer. It not only shapes you physically but also nurtures mental resilience—a key asset on the field. Integrating reformer Pilates into your training promises swifter movements, a sharper mind, and a cooler temperament. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of sports enthusiasts, including the Brisbane Lions professional footballers, are embracing Studio Pilates for its holistic approach to athletic pursuits.


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